Luminous Lotus Temple 2021

An interactive spiritual journey of healing and transformation

As we emerge from a global pandemic, we recognize within us that we are changed at our cores. Not only are we not the same beings as we were one year ago, society around us and every facet of life has shapeshifted. 

As we collectively undergo this rebirth, we look to the Lotus as a symbol of enlightenment, purity, rebirth, and triumph over obstacles. It is a token of perseverance and hope; a reminder to always trust the unseen path leading to the light. 

The 2021 Virtual Temple Team offers the Luminous Lotus Journey as an exploration of the soul and the shadows through meditation, sacred geometry, numerology, sound, and light. It is a transformative healing experience for people to find their centre and ground, connect with their emotions, face their shadows through acts of expression and creation, emerge in the light, and connect with others in universal love and wisdom. 

About the Creators

Temple Artists Roger Carr, Tamara Kalo, and Rick Irving designed the Lotus Temple by drawing inspiration from Asian temples — specifically the Lotus Temple in Delhi, India — and clothing it in a wood basketwork texture similar to the Cultural Center by Renzo Piano in New Caledonia

Simeone Scaramozzino, the Writer, Director, & Producer of the 2020 Virtual Temple Burn Ceremony, has envisioned and brought to life the 2021 Virtual Temple Experience including the “Luminous Lotus Journey” and the “Luminous Lotus Temple Burn Ceremony” for Burners to have highly diverse personal, aesthetic, social, psycho-emotional, and spiritual experiences.

Contact the Temple Team

Phases of the 2021 Temple Experience

The Luminous Lotus Temple Experience will unfold in three phases throughout August and September 2021:

ArtSpeaks // Episode 11: The 2021 Virtual Temple

In this episode of ArtSpeaks, we will provide an intimate look at the official Temple of the 2021 Virtual Burn, the Luminous Lotus Temple.


Experience the Virtual Temple
August 29 – September 5, 2021

The Luminous Lotus Journey welcomes you to immerse yourself within its Lotus atmospheres and contribute your Offerings to the Temple. Visit our website to learn how to navigate the interactive spiritual journey, to register your account to download the Temple application on desktop (Mac or PC), to learn how to create an Offering, and more.


Attend the Virtual Temple Burn Ceremony
September 5, 2021 – 8pm PDT

Join the community in witnessing the ceremonial burn of the Luminous Lotus Temple. By RSVPing above, you will also receive email updates on how to attend the Temple Burn Ceremony.


Support the Temple Build
August 2 – September 5, 2021

You can receive your own NFT art piece of the Luminous Lotus Temple as a token of appreciation for supporting the build and development of the Luminous Lotus Temple Experiences.


Experience the Virtual Temple

August 29 – September 5, 2021

The 2021 Virtual Luminous Lotus Journey is a Standalone, Multisensory, Immersive, Interactive, Artistic Metaverse for Connection, Community building, and Well-Being. It is designed to welcome Burners in a broad range of emotional and spiritual situations. Whether you are grieving, setting intentions, commemorating, contemplating, or simply exploring, we hold space for you to do so.

You will experience the Luminous Lotus Journey as your Avatar, journeying across different areas of the Temple that symbolise stages of transformation achieved through sound, light, meditation, and breathwork. Entering the Temple Hall, your Avatar will encounter a set of energetic portals that each carry unique healing vibrations. Let your intuition guide you to the energetic portal that most resonates with you… it will teleport you to an alternate realm — your emotional sphere or EmoSphere —​​ to adventure into your emotions, surrender, and discover truths that can shape new realities.



Create Your Offerings

Within the EmoSphere, you are invited to express, process, grieve, and bring light to your shadows. You may create your Offerings in the form of a written message and can choose to upload an audio recording, a video, a photograph, or a PDF from your computer. If you wish, you will be able to invite other Avatars to teleport to you to share in moments of meditation, contemplation, and connection. 

With each Offering that is created, the energy of expression contributes to the co-creation of an interactive art piece within the Temple Hall that will evolve throughout Burn Week. Your Offering will be woven into the virtual fabric of the Live Mandala representing the Collective Consciousness.



Sunday, September 5th, 8:00pm PDT

Each year, we conclude Burn Week by gathering around the Temple to witness it alight with ceremonial flames and return to its dusty beginnings. It provides us with an opportunity to reflect, release, and renew for the year ahead.

This year, the Luminous Lotus Temple Burn Ceremony is a multisensorial, immersive art experience imbued with soundscapes, harmonising binaural and solfeggio frequencies, and a cacophony of colours that mirror the emotions of the Offerings contributed to the Luminous Lotus Temple throughout the Virtual Burn Week. The emotional energy of the Offerings will be synaesthetically transformed by the sacred fire into awareness and harmony. As the Temple returns to dust, we emerge from the fire, lighter and freer, and reunite with the light.

The Ceremony will stream live on Sunday 9/5 at 8:00pm PDT. Click below to access the direct live stream.


The Luminous Lotus Temple Team is also providing the live stream to all six Worlds for you to choose where to gather — Sparkleverse, Build-A-Burn, Dusty Multiverse, The Infinite Playa, BRCvr, and Burn Week: Global Live Stream.

Leading up to the Temple Burn, you can enjoy the program prepared by Burn Week: Global Live Stream (​​, where they will dive into the history of the Temple at Burning Man and its evolution over the years. After the Temple Burn, they will offer curated musical performances to help you integrate your experience.

Peer Support

The Temple Guardians, VEST Rangers, and vPlaya Info will be available to provide support during the week of the Luminous Lotus Journey and on the night of the Luminous Lotus Temple Burn Ceremony via text chat, video chat, or zoom face-to-face conversations. Within the Luminous Lotus Journey experience, you will be able to find their Avatars at various locations around the Temple (identified by their vests with logos). Visit for additional information.

Support the Temple Build

August 2 – September 5, 2021

We are a small team of creators, technologists, artists, and developers aligning our hearts to bring forth a meaningful Temple Experience for Burners across the world. We aim to create a safe and welcoming space for you to explore your own depths, discover profound healing, and reconnect with yourself and others. Your support — no matter how large or small — helps us cover the development and technical costs of curating this multisensorial immersive experience.

As a token of appreciation for supporting the Temple Build, you will receive your own minted NFT art piece of the Luminous Lotus Temple after the Temple returns to dust. A symbolic remembrance of the Experience that will live on. We are grateful for your generosity!

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