Virtual Burn 2021

“The time has come,’ the Walrus said” – Lewis Carroll

It’s a wrap! While the official Virtual Burn concluded in September 2021, the experiences, collaborative relationships, and new connections that emerged continue to resonate. This is why we burn — to imagine, plan, create, share, and celebrate in ways that support the ongoing evolution of our vibrant global community.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Meet the Worlds! Each built by an independent team of wildly creative Burners, and each a magical door into adventures of connection, collaboration, and imagination. Discover all the ways YOU can participate!

Introducing the 2021 Temple Experience

An interactive spiritual journey of healing and transformation.

BRCvr is an award-winning truly immersive experience that hosts the global Burning Man community year-round. We are an inclusive community where cultural, ethnic, sexual and gender identities are celebrated and shared. During the Virtual Burn 2021, join tens of thousands of like-minded artists, technologists, dreamers and pranksters on PC, MAC or most VR Headsets. Visit hundreds of worlds and art installations, performances, and hundreds of hours of events that foster conversation, Radical Self-expression, and connection. Watch Video

Unleash your creativity! Build-A-Burn is a network of browser-based virtual worlds with spatial video chat. Burners can freely explore the camp metaverse for moments of spontaneity and serendipity. It’s also incredibly easy to create a camp, add art, and customize everything with their tools and growing art library – anyone can easily create a unique experience to delight fellow Burners. Watch Video

Dusty Multiverse is a high-fidelity 3D environment accessible by mobile devices and VR headsets. Participants can customize their 3D avatar, explore the digital playa, and talk to others via live voice and chat. Watch Video 

The Infinite Playa™ is a photo-realistic digital simulation of the Playa that puts participants at the center of an interactive and social world of art, music, games, talks and performances. Customize your 3D avatar and cruise the Playa with friends, interacting with fellow Burners via in-world text and video chat. Watch Video

SparkleVerse is a magical online city accessible from desktop computers and mobile devices. Our digital playa is a 2D browser-based map with social features where you can wander through art, music and experiences co-created by participants.  Watch Video

BURN WEEK: Global Live Stream, Aug 29 – Sept 5. Broadcast yourself. Applications now open! Aug 29 – Sept 5. The FREE GA pass includes the ability to view daily live streams, the Man Burn & Temple Burn in an interactive virtual environment where you can broadcast yourself, share pics, chat, PM, join or create camps and more. The Extended Experience pass includes all of the above + you can watch the broadcast again and again at your leisure for 30 days after the event + start video watch parties with friends. Watch Video

BURN2 is the first sanctioned Burning Man regional in the virtual world. Burning Man has always had a presence in Second Life since its beginning in 2003 and BURN2 is the latest incarnation of an international Burning Man community. Today, BURN2 occupies one SIM region in the Second Life world year-round called Deep Hole, with 1 to 12 extra SIM regions added during special events. It is run by a community of volunteer staff that includes people involved directly with Burning Man, along with seasoned Second Life programmers and digital artists with a genuine interest in Burning Man. More info on our website:

Are you a Black Rock or Regional Ranger, Playa Info Volunteer or Temple Guardian? We provide orientation and training. We are supporting the 2021 Virtual Burn. Come out and volunteer! 

Learn about VEST.

* Virtual Burn 2021 is being created by the community for the community. Burning Man Project is facilitating participation in these independent experiences by making tickets available on behalf of their producers. See the Virtual Burn 2021 FAQ for more details, including Burning Man Project’s ticket terms and conditions and the contact information for each experience.