Virtual Burn 2021

Welcome to Virtual Burn 2021, featuring six amazing Virtual Burning Man Experiences playing host to the Burning Man community (and the Burn-curious) during Virtual Burn Week, August 22 – September 7, 2021. You really don’t want to miss this.

Anybody with an internet connection — anywhere in the world — is invited to participate in the creativity and community, whether you’re dropping in with a VR headset, a desktop computer or a mobile device. 

The 165,000 Burners (and Burn-curious) who participated in these experiences in 2020 discovered Burning Man is more than a physical place, it’s an opportunity to engage deeply with others through authentic connections around a shared passion for Radical Self-expression, wherever you live.

Scroll down to discover what’s in store, learn how you can participate, then get your tickets (on sale soon), and gear up to join us in the digital dust!

The Worlds of Virtual Burn 2021 …

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Six worlds — BRCvr, Build-A-Burn, Dusty Multiverse, The Infinite Playa, SparkleVerse, and Burn Week: Global Live Stream — offer different perspectives on the Burning Man experience, hosting a virtual version of the famed Burning Man event in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. And as has been the case since 2007, participants can always visit BURN2, Burning Man’s online Regional event.

To find out more about our partners, read on…
BRCvr captures the spirit, culture and Principles of Burning Man in VR. Join thousands of participants, visit over 200 camps and art pieces. Engage in 1000+ events in a cutting edge space cultivating conversation, connection and community. On the AltspaceVR platform join by VR Headset, PC, and Mac. Watch Video

Volunteer opportunities include: Altspace World Builders, Artists who want to bring their work into BRCvr, Camps and Individuals who want to bring Events into BRCvr, MRE Developers, 3D Modelers, Interactive Element Developers, Community Support Volunteers – Event Managers, Greeters

Unleash your creativity!  Build-A-Burn is a network of browser-based virtual worlds with spatial video chat.  Burners can freely explore the camp metaverse for moments of spontaneity and serendipity.  It’s also incredibly easy to create a camp, add art, and customize everything with our tools and growing art library – anyone can easily create a unique experience to delight fellow burners.

Volunteer opportunities include: Any camps (it’s very easy to make a camp!), Any visual artist who wants to add their art, Any DJ or sound artist with pre-recorded or live streams

Dusty Multiverse runs on mobile phones and VR headsets. Attendees enter as 3D avatars and can explore the environment and talk to others via live voice and chat.  Watch Video 

Volunteer opportunities include: 3D modelers with experience with Maya or Blender, Unity developers – Need game dev experience

The Infinite Playa™ is a photo-realistic digital simulation of the Playa that puts participants at the center of an interactive and social world of art, music, games, talks and performances. Watch Video

Volunteer opportunities include: Web Design, Social Media, 3D Modelers – C4D, Maya, 3DS Max, Rhino, etc., Streamers – OBS, stream encoding, optimizing resolution/mbps, streaming platforms (i.e. Twitch, Youtube, FB, Vimeo, etc.)., UI/UX Design, QC Lead, UE Designers and Coders, Game Design – Unreal Engine Generalists and Specialists, Project Management, Data, Volunteer Coordination, Dynamic Server Scaling – AWS, Google, Customer Support – Zen Desk, LiveAgent, HelpCrunch, Videographers and Editors, PR/Marketing/Descriptive Writing

SparkleVerse is a magical online city. Our digital playa is a 2D browser-based map with social features where you can wander through art, music and experiences co-created by participants.  Watch Video 

Volunteer opportunities include: Zoom experience creators, Camps / DJ’s / 2d art creators, React / Front end devs, Web or multimedia experts, Sparkly organized people

On Burn Week: Global Live Stream, watch performances and the playa live broadcast, experience Burn Night and the Temple Burn in an interactive environment. Broadcast yourself, join or create a camp, start a video watch party with friends. Watch Video 

Volunteer opportunities include: Musicians, Performers, Art Installations, Camp Creators, Visionary Speakers, Moderators

Are you a: Black Rock or Regional Ranger, Playa Info Volunteer or Temple Guardian? We are supporting the 2021 Virtual Burn. Please check the V.E.S.T. box when you fill out the form below or go to Learn About V.E.S.T.

How to Participate & Get Involved

Just like Black Rock City, Virtual Burn depends on folks like YOU to co-create the magic we all enjoy in the virtual dust. These teams need your creativity, collaborative energy, and passion for the Ten Principles to bring the best of Burning Man culture to make these experiences sing!

Start With This Form …

  • Bring Your Project

    Whether you have an Art Installation, Mutant Vehicle, Theme Camp, Performances or just a great idea, you can bring your creation to any of the Burning Man Virtual Experiences. Even if you don't have the tech skills to make it yourself, this is your path. If you have these skills to offer, learn about and select the Experience that best suits your interests, below.
  • Bring Tech Skills

    Some people need technical help getting their creative contribution into the virtual realm. Want to give ’em a hand? This is your path. The Burning Man Virtual Experiences are looking for help from front-end developers, back-end developers, VR coders, interactive element designers, modelers and more. If you have these skills to offer, learn about and select the Experience that best suits your interests, below.
  • Bring an Activity

    You can host your performances, talks, workshops, dance experience, events, or whatever you'd like in the Virtual Burning Man Experiences. If that's your thing, this path will head you in the right direction. If you have these skills to offer, learn about and select the Experience that best suits your interests, below.
  • Be a Volunteer

    Got skills to contribute, technical or otherwise? There's no better way than to participate, and the Experiences can put your talents to good use! This is your path. If you have these skills to offer, learn about and select the Experience that best suits your interests, below.
  • Your Information

    We will share the information you enter below with our partners who will contact you regarding your participation.
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