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What’s Happening At BURN2 Multiverse Today?

Hello Burners! VRC Week continues…
On tap for Friday, 4th September 2020!
(all on VRC Stage unless otherwise noted,
times listed are SLT / US PDT)

1-2 PM – milan zepp
2-3 PM – A Limb
3-4 PM – Renata K & Martyn Bates
4-5 PM – GoaGil
5-6 PM – WORKSHOP: Streaming in SL 101 for Free or Cheap
6-7 PM – DJ Celeste

Event Calendar

Note: Schedule is subject to change without notice. Check website for current info!

Evo’s Art Bus Tour

Evolove’s Art Bus is going live daily and touring ACROSS THE METAVERSES to explore the best playa art in all worlds! The art bus is always open for your own tours (screenshare and go!) or Evo will be around every night to drive & stream a tour with friends in the open Jitsi art bus with you. We’re going every night and the art car is yours to use all week as a gift to connect accessibility across the metaverses.