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The Great Unknown at BURN2, a Virtual Regional of Burning Man

BURN2 is a Virtual Regional in Second Life and it’s easy to access with a computer and decent internet access. We have been around since 2009 and we have 12 sims of Playa with space to build and stages to perform on. There is an art grant, small art grant, Plottery for free camp space, and Plot sales similar to a ticket to help offset the cost of renting the sims.

Game of Life

How do we simplify our lives? Our mind is constantly hovering between past and the future. The memories from the past become our suffering in the present moment. How can we just accept pain and grow out of it? Game of Life will begin with a simple meditation to bring ourselves in the present moment and embark on a philosophical inquiry into the inner workings of our mind. Is it possible to free our mind from the chains of time? Is our mind not really a time machine?

Maybe the answers lie in looking at life like a video game, a simulation with characters, objects, and events, that come and go. Can we converge on an insight that will fundamentally help us learn about the nature of our mind and the life it weaves?

Simulation Hypothesis

Timekeepers presents for the first time an informal conversation between the original creators of this world about their motivation, process, and purpose behind creating Simulations. Join Amay Kataria & Phil Mulliken as they get together for the first time to talk about their practice and their overlapping interests in time, simulations, and synthetic realities.

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