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TheUnicornsCA: Hornhub

Where house music, art and mythology collide into a **SPARKLE**

This fairy-tale started in the spring of 2011. A group of artists, makers, DJs, and adventurers brought their love of all things funky and magical together to create the Charlie The Unicorn Art Car, an homage to the most infamous Unicorn in the history of popular culture. Shortly after the launch of the art car, the Los Angeles based team realized they could spread the Unicorn sparkle to thousands more by producing local parties and participating in community festivals.

Playa Star Force Academy for kids

“Calling all able Celestical Bodies! Come learn the ways of the Force and join the Alliance. “The Playa Star Force Academy!” is a madcap comedy for the whole family, featuring eccentric props, magic, slapstick humor, and a sound effect score that’s out of this world. “Playa Star Force Academy!” winks at the beloved Interstellar Saga of the 1970’s and allows kids and their caregivers the chance to live out their dreams of doing battle with the Evil side of the Multiverse!