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Herpes Yoga

I figure if Goat Yoga exists then so can Herpes Yoga!

Join me for a discussion on what to do when you get an STD followed by a 1 hour yoga session. Learning how to love yourself with herpes may not happen over night, it is a process but the more we are open and discuss the topic the easier it becomes. If I can get to this place were I feel confident sharing it with the whole world then trust me, so can you!

The Science of Sexual Ascension

Nope, not about Kundalini awakening. Or full-body multiple orgasms. And definitely not about Soulmates and Twin Flames. Those things are nice and all, and I’m happy to chat about them, but first I have a massive sense of responsibility to start our conversation from the true genesis of the Sexual Energy, the Source of every manifest being and form.

Personal relationship issues are a trickle-down effect of an imbalance on a much larger scale. Dating tips and sex advice is like a band-aid on a gaping wound if we’re not properly addressing the true nature of sexuality, creation and pleasure. So that where we’re gonna start!

Sacred Art of Flirtation Online Temple

This will be a deliciously curated online experience designed to allow participants to dive into the an exploration of flirtation as “Attention without Intention.” Honoring the principle of immediacy, we will drop deeply into connection in a fun and playful way.

In this event, Sanctuary welcomes you into our inner sanctum… our online Temple of exploration and play. We will start with an introductory workshop where we will build a sacred container of playful intimacy as we move through the Chakras, exploring the energetic qualities of each. You will be led through a series of exercises, first as a group and then in smaller groups and pairs as we explore the full range of energies available to us.

All genders, orientations and modes of sexual expression will be welcomed and honored as this space is about deep connection… not about having an endgame in mind. Paired exercises will be randomly assigned to help you practice various skills and meet your temple mates before setting you free in our Themed Zoom Temple space to explore and connect further.

This will be a non-sexual event as our focus will be on playful connection without attachment to outcome. Sensuality is encouraged, however nudity is not allowed within the public spaces of the Temple. Energetic and sensual play is welcome within these parameters.