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Burning Man’s Fly Ranch: Sustainability at the Playa

Burning Man Project shared a 10-year environmental sustainability roadmap in July of 2019 with three goals for our events and properties: no matter out of place, be regenerative, and be carbon negative. The intent is for this to be an open-source project. This talk will cover Burning Man’s goals, possible software approaches, a sustainability design challenge at Burning Man’s 3,800 acre ranch Fly Ranch, and more.

Biohack your Biohacking”: The ‘Meta’ 30,000 foot view for entrepreneurs, mom-preneurs, health-enthusiasts, and human potential aspirants without getting lost in gadgets, supplements, or gear

Biohack your Biohacking comes from over 20 years with the whole spectrum of wellness from working with the severely unwell to the aspirational biohacking entrepreneurs. Learn how to be a “meta-biohacker”, one who first knows what to focus on, instead of just chasing randomly after the new shiniest supplement, gadget, or gear. Too many well-meaning…

Biohack your Genetics: A revolutionary way to interpret your genetics for better health, longevity, and resilience

Suffer from overwhelm, confusion, and anxiety from your genetics results? Run your genetics through an app and gotten even more confused and no prioritization of what to do? Learn a novel method to organize and prioritize your genetics in a meaningful and actionable way to help you now. Learn what genetics can and cannot tell…

The Science of Sexual Ascension

Nope, not about Kundalini awakening. Or full-body multiple orgasms. And definitely not about Soulmates and Twin Flames. Those things are nice and all, and I’m happy to chat about them, but first I have a massive sense of responsibility to start our conversation from the true genesis of the Sexual Energy, the Source of every manifest being and form.

Personal relationship issues are a trickle-down effect of an imbalance on a much larger scale. Dating tips and sex advice is like a band-aid on a gaping wound if we’re not properly addressing the true nature of sexuality, creation and pleasure. So that where we’re gonna start!

Shaman’s Multiverse

Shaman’s Multiverse
22-Minute Experiential Documentary by Bernie Taylor

What is visibly seen and unconsciously experienced in the human mind is the essence of the Shaman’s Multiverse. This experiential documentary explores realms of the visible and unconscious that can be revealed in our earliest works of art. We ask eternal questions about who we are and what waits for us behind the veil of our future. We collectively come closer to the roots of our most creative artistic expressions on an incredible journey that transcends space and time.

A Universe of Universes? Reflections on Life and the Cosmos

Many physicists and astronomers now think that there might actually be more than a single physical universe. Our Universe may be just one example in a far larger “multiverse,” but an unusually complex one that is conducive to the existence of life. Come learn about the relevant lines of reasoning and their profound implications.