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THE LIFE CUBE PRESENTS: AGAPE: Unconditional Love Sunday Service on the Playa

Dr. Michael Beckwith, ” Wherever you find yourself in your spiritual practice – on fire or lukewarm – take heart and begin again. Each sitting, each prayer is unique every single day. Take responsibility for creating enough variety and spontaneity in your communion with Spirit, the Divine Beloved of your soul, for just as in any relationship we treasure, this causes enthusiasm to rekindle and joy to bubble up in our consciousness. This is what I have learned through walking the path and I offer it to you with love and appreciation as a fellow spiritual traveler.”

Breathwork to Blow Your Mind w/ Goldenair

Goldenair Breathwork uses an ancient technology, conscious breathing, to foster massive personal breakthroughs and human connection. Chris Keener guides simple, powerful breathing patterns that induce a neurological shift. We’ll leave the constraints of time and language behind, releasing old blockages and limiting beliefs. What is available when our narrow sense of self vanishes into thin air? What can we create from this high-altitude altitude flow state? The transformative inner journey is set to an inspired soundtrack, and anyone can participate.

THE LIFE CUBE PRESENTS: Susana MacDonald- Yoga from Mexico

Susana started on the path 20 years ago. Her first introduction to yoga was a Bikram Yoga class and fell in love immediately with the practice. Her path took her to get her first certification in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in Hot Yoga Flow in 2003. She has also studied under Yogi Nasser, in Petra Yoga. Her love for the practice took Susana to different cities and study with various teachers in different styles including Edward Clark, and Bryan Kest. In 2012 Susana moved to Playa del Carmen Mexico and started practicing under the tutelage of Michael Gannon at Yogaloft when the school opened. She is a certified GPVY (Gannon Power Vinyasa) and GAVY (Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) Certified Instructor.

Channeling Higher Dimensional Spiritual Beings

Channeling workshop:


Have you ever wonder how it would be like to receive direct verbal guidance from higher-dimensional spiritual beings? Here is your chance!

I can verbally channel higher-dimensional spiritual beings and collectives. These are “Ra” from the Law of One, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Melchizedek, Arcturian, Metatron, the Galactic Federation of Lights, and more. The most helpful guides will come through me to answer any questions you have.

Participants can prepare some questions that they would like the higher dimensional spiritual beings’ direct guidance. These can be spiritual, love, life, personal, or business.

THE LIFE CUBE PRESENTS: Parashakti & DJ Stretch

“Dance of Liberation”, A Shaman-Guided Dance Experience by Parashakti and DJ Stretch. Prepare to blindfold and express your self through movement. “The Dance Of Liberation” has been practiced by over 10,000 dancers around the globe. It’s was born of a mission to help people experience ecstasy – without taking it.


The Sonic Shamanic
Sound Healing
This group journey with Sound + Medicine combines the elements of community, music and healing sound with cannabis (as an option), to powerful effect, helping to process and clear heavy or negative or pressing energy, and creating a deep sense of connection to oneself, others, and Spirit.