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Game of Life

How do we simplify our lives? Our mind is constantly hovering between past and the future. The memories from the past become our suffering in the present moment. How can we just accept pain and grow out of it? Game of Life will begin with a simple meditation to bring ourselves in the present moment and embark on a philosophical inquiry into the inner workings of our mind. Is it possible to free our mind from the chains of time? Is our mind not really a time machine?

Maybe the answers lie in looking at life like a video game, a simulation with characters, objects, and events, that come and go. Can we converge on an insight that will fundamentally help us learn about the nature of our mind and the life it weaves?


Led by throuple Lily, Daniellow and Devin, PolyTalk Wednesdays are interactive sessions to learn and discuss tools and tricks for successful relationship building. While flown under the flag of poly relating, the topics covered are relevant for all relating —mono, poly, mono-ish, solo poly, single life, family, friend —and ALL ARE WELCOME! This workshop is part of KindraConnect’s Virtual Gatherings. Tickets are donation-based. We very much appreciate your donation which goes to pay our facilitators and support our virtual offerings.

SpiritSpace Spiritual Encounters (Virtual Burn)

SpiritSpace is a time and place of healing, where participants can encounter and commune with the Spirit. Do you need a dream interpreted, encouragement for your destiny, or insight into your heart? Would you like a card reading with the Spirit of Life (“Ruach”)? Do you need inner healing? We are here to connect with you, spirit-to-spirit, and to encourage you with revelation from the Creator.

You can have a personal Spiritual encounter in a breakout room or just view art, listen to music, share poetry, participate in mediations, and engage with whoever drops by in the main room. Just enter SpiritSpace, be blessed, and stay until the Spirit moves you.