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Two Spirit Teachings of Paiute Native American Tribe

For years, Black Rock City has been built on the sacred land of the Pyramid Lake Pauite Tribe. Comfort & Joy has a long standing relations with a spiritual leader of the tribe Dean Barlese who has been blessing previous years the Temple on Saturdays before the gate opens. Dean will share some of the Paiute spiritual teachings and culture.

Camp Chaz!

No pets are allowed on the real playa, but you can bring them to Camp Chazoom!!

Bring either your real pet or a plush animal toy with you, and we will delve into your animal friend’s life (and possibly past-lives) to discover their playa name!

We will personally be in the bathtub with our plush manatee friends!

🐈 🐶 🦄🐩 🐹 🐼 🐾 🦩 🦜 🐸 🐢 🦖 🐬 🐠 🐙 🐌 🦋