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Red Handprints for Humanity & Harmony: ‘Ashes to Ashes; Dust to Dust’

We are one, connected by humanity. All human blood is red. Let us show our connection through red handprints and harmony strands for Humans, Animals, Respect, Movement, Oneness, Nature & (You)th (H.A.R.M.O.N.Y). We choose Love over Hate & Harmony over Harm!

Argonaut Fireside Memories, Toasts, Inductions and Receive your 2020 Quest

Join us to Receive your 2020 Argonaut Bandana/COVID Mask (by mail) and 2020 Argonaut Quest (by virtual link) as we have real and virtual shots (yours can be real) and virtual hugs across the Argonaut ship bow!

Join us 5p PT Thur 9/3! If ZOOM is full (100 limit) try again until 7p PT

Celestial Bodies – your straight friendly gay bar and lounge

Welcome to Celestial Bodies – your straight friendly gay bar and lounge.

We are building a virtual bar and lounge that users can explore day and night. We are taking some of our classic Celestial Bodies events and making them available to all, not just during burn week but all year. You will be able to use Celestialscope, to make Kaleidoscope art of your images. Get a Temp Tattoo or sit at the bar and share stories with other burners.