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Signal Boost

Every week The Generator team live streams from our maker space in Reno, NV! We spotlight Reno local art and culture and interview fun folx doing good stuff. Catch us live on Twitch, Youtube & Facebook every Wednesday at 7pm. To learn more about our maker space check out www.therenogenerator.com.

VRBurn: Summer Reburn

Join us this summer in this virtual experience on the digital dusty playa to explore and interact with artwork painted with brushes of light and geometry. Listen to music and meet other virtual world travelers around the fire pit while popping fireworks in the sky. The VRBurn playa is a place for reflection on our experience of the years past and of constructive creative thoughts towards our future. What reflections will you bring with you during this experience of elevation? 

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2021: The Roaring 3020’s

Come play with us in a virtual theme for BURN2’s Burnal Equinox, 2021: The Roaring 3020s!
A thousand years into the future… the space colony Earth has technology beyond our dreams, and the style of the Roaring 20s.. These are The Roaring 3020s, a mash-up of 1920’s Futurism and today’s vision of tomorrow. The event celebrates the diversity of the 3020 Earth colony, human and beyond. Think “Metropolis meets the Star Wars Space Bar”.

1920s Futurism
Steampunk is a view of the future during the late Victorian era (late-1800s) which was based on steam-powered things with complex mechanical gears, and no electricity. Dieselpunk or Adampunk, styles during the 1940s and 50s, had views of the future where everything is round, small, and powered by atomic energy, such as the Jetsons. 1920s Futurism falls between these two, with electricity, large public works, and oversize, lofty ideas that were fueled by a post-war optimism of the future and naivety of real world-limitations.

Reign Bough Fiddle

Dear Adventures, Gentlepeople and fair citizens of Reign Bough Realm.
In remembrance of the friends we met, the games we played, the music we experienced, and the dancing we all did;
and to make amends to the best of our ability for a very wet season in 2019 we are returning this March 27th with
an entirely free virtual festival for everyone to attend. Experience a festival like you never have before online from the comfort of your home.