Tag: Multimedia Arts

Enter the Multiverse of Endless Possibilities

Prepare to enter the Multiverse, calibrate your third eye for the most optimal experience of expansion and greater ONEness with all. Engage with powerful multidimensional sonic transmission and trippy visuals to enhance your experience of diving into the Multiverse. Stimulation of third eye awakens higher potential protocols in preparation for activating evolutionary humans. Activate. Initiate Download.

Evo’s Art Bus Tour

Evolove’s Art Bus is going live daily and touring ACROSS THE METAVERSES to explore the best playa art in all worlds! The art bus is always open for your own tours (screenshare and go!) or Evo will be around every night to drive & stream a tour with friends in the open Jitsi art bus with you. We’re going every night and the art car is yours to use all week as a gift to connect accessibility across the metaverses.