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BURN2 at Virtual Burn Week August 29-Sept 5

BURN2 Regional’s “Virtual Burn” event is running in parallel with Burning Man’s Virtual Burn 2021 (August 29 – September 5). We are participating! If you cannot make it in-world and you are virtually curious, check out our live stream of the burns and performances. All the info is at www.burn2.org, including how to get your very own free avatar to come in-world with your computer and experience the virtual Playa yourself. Just download the free Second Life viewer and get your free avatar. Instructions on the website. See you there, Burners!

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Spring Spark Drive-Thru, by Sacramento Valley Spark – Rancho Cordova, CA – May 21 & 22

Where: The Mineshaft, 2300 Mine Shaft Lane, Rancho Cordova CA 95742
When: Friday May 21, 8PM – 1AM PST, and Saturday May 22, 7PM-1AM PST

The Spring Spark Drive-Thru in-vehicle experience will bring the art, music, theme camps, mutant vehicles, 10 Principles, and FIRE of the playa to the general public and to Burners from throughout Northern California, in a Covid-safe manner. Featuring fifteen mutant vehicles and lots of art already registered, our 1.5 mile cruise through a “Decommodified Zone” will be the first and hopefully only drive thru format to be designated an official Burning Man Regional Event. Spring Spark will sell out, so order early and connect the little party in your safe pod to the greater Burner energy around us. Or better yet, volunteer to help bring our 10 Principles to the public while enjoying a longer experience!

ALCHEMY: A Gamified Festival Experience

“This is the closest to a “live event” that I have ever experienced in a virtual event.” – Jeremy, USA

Embark on a week-long virtual adventure which combines immersive escape-room game-play (puzzles, role-play, storytelling) and the festival experience (art, music, dance, workshops) into one exciting package, brought to you in celebration of the Metamorfosize Project’s 1-year anniversary!

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2021: The Roaring 3020’s

Come play with us in a virtual theme for BURN2’s Burnal Equinox, 2021: The Roaring 3020s!
A thousand years into the future… the space colony Earth has technology beyond our dreams, and the style of the Roaring 20s.. These are The Roaring 3020s, a mash-up of 1920’s Futurism and today’s vision of tomorrow. The event celebrates the diversity of the 3020 Earth colony, human and beyond. Think “Metropolis meets the Star Wars Space Bar”.

1920s Futurism
Steampunk is a view of the future during the late Victorian era (late-1800s) which was based on steam-powered things with complex mechanical gears, and no electricity. Dieselpunk or Adampunk, styles during the 1940s and 50s, had views of the future where everything is round, small, and powered by atomic energy, such as the Jetsons. 1920s Futurism falls between these two, with electricity, large public works, and oversize, lofty ideas that were fueled by a post-war optimism of the future and naivety of real world-limitations.