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Tropicana Fantasea Cruise Liner docked @ Sparklverse

Welcome, relax, and explore the wonders of the playa aboard the Tropicana Fantasea – the world’s 7th most popular cruise line. Immerse yourself in our world – float away, dance like you are alive and dine at our all-inclusive buffet. Visit us through Burn week for fun, games and even magic lessons, or come back for our explosive Friday party with performance, games and DJs.

Burning Man Game of Minds

Print and play a real, tactile board game. Burning Man Game of Minds is a thoroughly enjoyable game of mental interaction with others. There are no lucky dice, cards of spinners; you play the game, it does not play you. Redesign and create the moving pieces as you like, with whatever costumes you like. Add whatever embellishments you like to the board. ENJOY with other real people.

Lost Art of Storytelling

The Lost Art of Storytelling is a weird choose-your-own-adventure text game designed for burners to enjoy stories from black rock city and for those feeling the dusty spirit to gift their own. Much of the most beautiful art on playa blurs the line between creators and spectators, acting as props and stages for people to tell their own stories in the sands of time. We hope for these stories to make you smile and remind you of home, and to give an outlet for those that want a low-tech way give a gift to the greater virtual playa this year.

The Quarantine Games

****Join the Quarantine Games***
An interactive game show
born out of the wacky minds of quarantined Saudi Burners
The Quarantine Games was created out of inspiration from the Burner Community and has gone through many episodes at the start of the pandemic giving people something to look forward to during hard times.

Truth or Dare Den

Come join us in the Truth or Dare Den!

In the Truth or Dare Den you’ll be given the choice of baring your soul or showing your more outrageous side. We will tell you your options first and then ask you to choose which to complete, Truth or Dare. We’ve prepared questions that will help you to share your powerful truths with the group and dares that are sure to make us all laugh. Our camp is a playful space where you choose how to participate. We especially invite you to embrace the principles of participation, immediacy, and radical self expression as you share and dare.

I dare you to join us.

We are three lovely lady burners who will be broadcasting live from Vietnam!

Our camp will be playing Truth or Dare with you starting at 10pm Pacific time on Friday Night. We’re living in the future universe, so this means that it will be noon on Saturday here in Vietnam! Transport yourself into the future and join us in our time zone for an Intermission Pancake Brunch. Grab your favorite box of pancake mix and cook along with us. And don’t forget the mimosas! (Participation in the brunch is 1000% optional.)

After our Intermission Pancake Brunch we will be right back to more crazy Truth or Dare antics!

From our side of this rock in the universe to yours, we are so excited for the chance to play Truth or Dare with you in the Multiverse!!

I dare you to join us.
Schedule (Pacific Standard Time):
10:00-10:50- Truth or Dare!
10:50-11:10- Intermission: Pancake Breakfast
11:10-12:00- Truth or Dare!

What?? You don’t have enough time for 2 hours of Truth or Dare or don’t think you’ll last that long even with an Intermission Pancake Breakfast? No worries. Feel free to pop in for a quick Truth or Dare challenge and be on your way OR stay the whole time so that you won’t miss a thing. The choice is yours.

I dare you to join us.