Tag: Environmental Sustainability

Ecosystem Activation: ‘Getting Dirty with Regenerative Networks’

Ever wonder how YOU can support the sustainable future, but don’t know where to start? One way is to dive in and get your hands dirty. In this call, we will hear from leaders in soil, stewardship, and land project fields on how to directly engage in positive impact anywhere in the world.

Building More Resilient Communities Through Creative Placemaking

Resilient communities don’t just come back from difficult challenges; they grown better. Many communities face a combination of social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges: flooding, storms, disease, poverty, oppression and more. Join this webinar to learn and participate in networking at the end.

Burning Man’s Fly Ranch: Sustainability at the Playa

Burning Man Project shared a 10-year environmental sustainability roadmap in July of 2019 with three goals for our events and properties: no matter out of place, be regenerative, and be carbon negative. The intent is for this to be an open-source project. This talk will cover Burning Man’s goals, possible software approaches, a sustainability design challenge at Burning Man’s 3,800 acre ranch Fly Ranch, and more.

Red Handprints for Humanity & Harmony: ‘Ashes to Ashes; Dust to Dust’

We are one, connected by humanity. All human blood is red. Let us show our connection through red handprints and harmony strands for Humans, Animals, Respect, Movement, Oneness, Nature & (You)th (H.A.R.M.O.N.Y). We choose Love over Hate & Harmony over Harm!

The Teleporter Dome

The Teleporter Dome is a VR representation of an IRL listening experience that aims to bring the emerging world of spatial audio through the medium of field recordings and electroacoustic music to real world events. Since we can’t be there physically, we’ve collected a showcase of some of the amazing content we’ve lined up for when we finally shake this awful lurgy.

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