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Signal Boost

Every week The Generator team live streams from our maker space in Reno, NV! We spotlight Reno local art and culture and interview fun folx doing good stuff. Catch us live on Twitch, Youtube & Facebook every Wednesday at 7pm. To learn more about our maker space check out www.therenogenerator.com.

VRBurn: Summer Reburn

Join us this summer in this virtual experience on the digital dusty playa to explore and interact with artwork painted with brushes of light and geometry. Listen to music and meet other virtual world travelers around the fire pit while popping fireworks in the sky. The VRBurn playa is a place for reflection on our experience of the years past and of constructive creative thoughts towards our future. What reflections will you bring with you during this experience of elevation? 


how to talk about DEVOTION while saying enough and also not saying too much? it’s a conundrum for any piece of work that feels incredibly personal and close to your heart. DEVOTION followed right on the heels of SELF-SATISFACTION and was the first piece that was more linear in nature. i knew when i started that i wanted to play against the freewheeling, do-whatever-you-want nature of SELF-SATISFACTION and really use the work as an act of true devotion—of love on paper. with that mindset, i established a set of rules, a color palette and a system to work within that gave the piece structure but also freedom.

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