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The Great Unknown at BURN2, a Virtual Regional of Burning Man

BURN2 is a Virtual Regional in Second Life and it’s easy to access with a computer and decent internet access. We have been around since 2009 and we have 12 sims of Playa with space to build and stages to perform on. There is an art grant, small art grant, Plottery for free camp space, and Plot sales similar to a ticket to help offset the cost of renting the sims.

ALCHEMY: A Gamified Festival Experience

“This is the closest to a “live event” that I have ever experienced in a virtual event.” – Jeremy, USA

Embark on a week-long virtual adventure which combines immersive escape-room game-play (puzzles, role-play, storytelling) and the festival experience (art, music, dance, workshops) into one exciting package, brought to you in celebration of the Metamorfosize Project’s 1-year anniversary!

Accelerant – Participation

The two hour online event inspired by The 10 Principles features a discussion across 6 platforms with 2 special guests taking your questions. The second hour features a live DJ for some serious dancing! This month the theme is Participation and the special guests are Crimson Rose and Arthur Mamou-Mani with DJ Illuminatty.