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Welcome to the Life Cube! We believe that if you write down your goals and dream, you increase their chances of coming true! Join Arezu, a lifelong yogi who became a certified Kundalini teacher at age 14. She will be teaching a Kundalini Yoga fusion class to inspire your dreams into reality! Using specific poses, mantras and mudras to help manifest your intention and wildest dreams, your aura will be shining brightly! Be ready to raise the Kundalini and uplift your frequency.

Playa Star Force Academy for kids

“Calling all able Celestical Bodies! Come learn the ways of the Force and join the Alliance. “The Playa Star Force Academy!” is a madcap comedy for the whole family, featuring eccentric props, magic, slapstick humor, and a sound effect score that’s out of this world. “Playa Star Force Academy!” winks at the beloved Interstellar Saga of the 1970’s and allows kids and their caregivers the chance to live out their dreams of doing battle with the Evil side of the Multiverse!

Burning Man Game of Minds

Print and play a real, tactile board game. Burning Man Game of Minds is a thoroughly enjoyable game of mental interaction with others. There are no lucky dice, cards of spinners; you play the game, it does not play you. Redesign and create the moving pieces as you like, with whatever costumes you like. Add whatever embellishments you like to the board. ENJOY with other real people.

Two Spirit Teachings of Paiute Native American Tribe

For years, Black Rock City has been built on the sacred land of the Pyramid Lake Pauite Tribe. Comfort & Joy has a long standing relations with a spiritual leader of the tribe Dean Barlese who has been blessing previous years the Temple on Saturdays before the gate opens. Dean will share some of the Paiute spiritual teachings and culture.