Tag: Care/Support

Signal Boost

Every week The Generator team live streams from our maker space in Reno, NV! We spotlight Reno local art and culture and interview fun folx doing good stuff. Catch us live on Twitch, Youtube & Facebook every Wednesday at 7pm. To learn more about our maker space check out www.therenogenerator.com.

Burner Day of Reflection

Dust2Dust would like to invite Burners to an on-line Day of Reflection.

This is a chance to come together as a community to remember and honour those who’ve died during the pandemic, show our support for those who’ve been bereaved and acknowledge other losses and changes that may have affected us during the last year.

If you’ve loved and lost – if you want to pause and reflect – to honour and remember – or show your love and care for fellow Burners – then this space is for you.

SpiritSpace Spiritual Encounters (Virtual Burn)

SpiritSpace is a time and place of healing, where participants can encounter and commune with the Spirit. Do you need a dream interpreted, encouragement for your destiny, or insight into your heart? Would you like a card reading with the Spirit of Life (“Ruach”)? Do you need inner healing? We are here to connect with you, spirit-to-spirit, and to encourage you with revelation from the Creator.

You can have a personal Spiritual encounter in a breakout room or just view art, listen to music, share poetry, participate in mediations, and engage with whoever drops by in the main room. Just enter SpiritSpace, be blessed, and stay until the Spirit moves you.