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SpiritSpace Spiritual Encounters

SpiritSpace is a space for you to commune with the Spirit, as facilitated via Zoom by our creative and divinely insightful team. It is a place of encountering the Spirit by connecting with and encouraging one another. Here, you will discover a beautiful acceptance, a sense of belonging, and renewed empowerment for your onward journey. You are invited to enter into SpiritSpace at any point during this time period and stay until the Spirit moves you. All are welcome!

Our monthly offerings include Ruach Card Readings, Inner Healing, Dream Sensing/Interpretation, Doors of Destiny, and Heart Insight. Every 2-3 months, we’ll offer Art from the Heart, Body Blessings & Positive Postures, and Inner Transformation Workshops.

For more info, visit https://www.inspiritspace.net.

A Direct Framework for Calmness with Eye Exercises

We really wanna be free, but the changing structures and rules of organizations can be overwhelming. And, in this modern society, our organizations are both numerous and complex. What can we learn from Burning Man? Specifically, in the past, now and in the future? This contribution is heartfelt and calming. I directly teach seven simple patterns using the primary Chakras. It is an organizational framework. By checkin’ in with these patterns—atop the Chakras—individuals can be a lil’ more aware. And, in some instances, they may be called to action.

THE LIFE CUBE PRESENTS: AGAPE: Unconditional Love Sunday Service on the Playa

Dr. Michael Beckwith, ” Wherever you find yourself in your spiritual practice – on fire or lukewarm – take heart and begin again. Each sitting, each prayer is unique every single day. Take responsibility for creating enough variety and spontaneity in your communion with Spirit, the Divine Beloved of your soul, for just as in any relationship we treasure, this causes enthusiasm to rekindle and joy to bubble up in our consciousness. This is what I have learned through walking the path and I offer it to you with love and appreciation as a fellow spiritual traveler.”

The Sanctuary Online Community-In Service to Growth and Awakening

Sanctuary Vision Statement

What is Sanctuary?
Sanctuary is like a liminal space between events. Think of it as a red thread which connects us as we create, explore, experiment, grow, and connect across the planet.

We are here to create a safe space for you to be you. A sanctuary for you to express, dance, learn, release, play, share, care, and dare. Sanctuary is a safe container where we can take refuge, support each other, explore our shadows, and connect more deeply with the gifts that we have to offer the world.

We desire to create a vibrant community where everyone feels heard, celebrated and appreciated, and feels comfortable in sharing their gifts. We want to empower each member to step into their radiance and to discover the gifts that they have to offer the world.

Sanctuary is where we can stretch beyond our comfort zones. If a volunteer has any offerings to share, Sanctuary provides a sandbox to brainstorm, explore, learn and improvise. Sanctuary is about community, collaboration, support, and learning as we challenge each other to ascend to a higher level as individuals and as a collective.

Long term goal:
We hope to create opportunities with other aligned communities that can help us to expand our community and allow us to serve at a higher level, and that these collaborations will result in an exchange of energy which can bring abundance to those who offer their heart and their passion to grow this space.