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The Science of Sexual Ascension

Nope, not about Kundalini awakening. Or full-body multiple orgasms. And definitely not about Soulmates and Twin Flames. Those things are nice and all, and I’m happy to chat about them, but first I have a massive sense of responsibility to start our conversation from the true genesis of the Sexual Energy, the Source of every manifest being and form.

Personal relationship issues are a trickle-down effect of an imbalance on a much larger scale. Dating tips and sex advice is like a band-aid on a gaping wound if we’re not properly addressing the true nature of sexuality, creation and pleasure. So that where we’re gonna start!

Lost Art of Storytelling

The Lost Art of Storytelling is a weird choose-your-own-adventure text game designed for burners to enjoy stories from black rock city and for those feeling the dusty spirit to gift their own. Much of the most beautiful art on playa blurs the line between creators and spectators, acting as props and stages for people to tell their own stories in the sands of time. We hope for these stories to make you smile and remind you of home, and to give an outlet for those that want a low-tech way give a gift to the greater virtual playa this year.