Spotlight on Content Hosts

Spotlight on Content Hosts

Our content hosts are truly what create Kindling as growing, vibrant and evergreen space of participatory community connection. Learn about some of our returning creators, their stories and more.


Manu De La Roche lives in Portugal where she works as a professional burlesque and cabaret dancer. Her degree in theatre led her down a pathway of dance, film, and later teaching drama to children. But her heart led her back to the stage to share her creative expression through burlesque. Her deep-rooted love for the artform has grown from a long fascination with the history of the tease as a somatic expression of storytelling seated in humorous parody. Since Kindling’s inception in May 2020, Manu has continued to share her monthly “Kindling Shows.” They are warm, fun, participatory, inclusive, decommodified, and vastly radically expressive of Manu’s passions for burlesque.

Beyond Dust: Exploring the Heart of What Truly Makes Us Burners

What truly makes us Burners has nothing to do with our attendance at Black Rock City. Yes, participation in something as magically mysterious and fantastically freeing as Black Rock City is a rite of passage, but there is something so intrinsically beyond the borders of this temporary urban desert that makes us true Burners.


Co-founder and Director of the beloved Black Rock City theme camp, Pink Heart, Halcyon is an organizer who has been sharing his daily gratitude circles with the Kindling community since our inception.

A daily gathering space for connection, love, & gratitude… a place that celebrates the beauty of each human being sharing their truth.

All You Need is LOVE…

Sometimes romance falters, but friendships often last a lifetime. Pausing on a dusty street to recognize and celebrate those relationships has proven, thousands of times over the years, to be one of the most joyful, heartfelt experiences on the playa — even for Playa-bros!


Andrew “Drew” Barrett has been to 14 consecutive Burns, including working with his camp, Celestial Bodies, to appear in five of the eight official Multiverse Universes in 2020. He is an award-winning published playwright who daylights as a leading marketing consultant helping start-ups get to their Series A funding. As part of his passion for Burning Man, he has combined his creative and executive skills to develop and produce “Accelerant” – a monthly online Salon series and dance party inspired by the 10 Principles. Recently, he has been volunteering with BRCvr to delve deeper into the potential ways VR can extend the Burning Man ethos globally. Drew is a native New Yorker who holds a MFA from The Iowa Playwrights Workshop. Currently, he resides on the west coast which makes getting to the playa a hell of a lot easier.


Celestial Bodies Glimmer Across the Multiverse

You may already be familiar with planning and logistics involved in bringing a real-world theme camp to the inhospitable Black Rock Desert. But did you ever wonder what it takes to pivot your theme camp from the virtual world into the Multiverse?

Bring Your Groove to Celestial Bodies’ Monthly Salon Series


Celestial Bodies’ success in translating their on-playa experience into the Multiverse has inspired the creation of Accelerant, a free series of monthly Salons inspired by the 10 Principles of Burning Man. Hour one of Accelerant brings thought leaders together around a monthly theme, for discussion and debate with a respectful audience. Hour two features a world-class DJ and an invitation for everyone to dance.

Corporation Chaos
Meet Our Resident, Virtual Philosophers

Since Kindling’s inception in spring 2020, Corporation Chaos has remained an active contributor to our colorful landscape of virtual, live events. In Black Rock City they’re known for setting up their Ask A Philosopher booth in random locations across the city. All are welcome to bring their deep, or simply random, questions to the attending philosopher.

Corporation Chaos made the ultimate pivot in 2020 by moving their camp’s Ask the Philosopher Booth to a thriving, online community. Unlike many, they were more than ready for the global shift to connecting virtually, admitting they “were hoping this happened sooner.”

Whether you’re a philosopher yourself, or simply a curious mind seeking connection on a deeper level, their weekly virtual Ask A Philosopher Booth is an excellent place to meet others who love to push the limits of what question is at hand. You may even be recruited for their “philosophy internship” and become a part of the Chaos! 

Got burning questions? Ask Burner philosophers. This live Q&A show brings Deep Playa wisdom to the internet! Our staff are on call to answer your most pressing questions. No paradox too deep. No concept too abstract. Come give us a piece of your mind.

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