Participate in Virtual Burn 2021

Just like Black Rock City, the Virtual Burn experiences depend on folks like YOU to co-create the magic we all enjoy in the virtual dust. We need your creativity, collaborative energy, and passion for the Ten Principles to bring the best of Burning Man culture to these amazing Experiences.

Scroll down to discover what’s in store, learn how you can participate, then get your tickets (on sale soon), and gear up to join us in the digital dust!

Are you a: Black Rock or Regional Ranger, Playa Info Volunteer or Temple Guardian? We are supporting the 2021 Virtual Burn. Please check the V.E.S.T. box when you fill out the form below. 

Artists! Do you have your art digitally sketched, modeled, rendered, ready to go?  Click here to share your creations with the six Worlds of Virtual Burn 2021.

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