Multiverse FAQ

General Information


Where do I get started navigating the Multiverse?

The 2020 Burning Man Multiverse is a decentralized, online event made up of eight different “Universes” plus a virtual Temple and a Burn Night experience. Each of them offers a unique perspective on participating in the event – try them all! We have published a travel guide to help you get started.


Why am I directed to other websites for some answers?

Each of the Universes has been created by groups of volunteers using different technologies. Because of the great variance between the technologies and platforms, the way things work across the Universes is different, so they have provided specific instructions on their websites to help you navigate. 


Do I need to buy a ticket?

Most Universes are gifted, free experiences. Donations to the Universes, as well as donations to Burning Man Project are very much appreciated. 


The following Recognized Universes require some form of payment for entry:

  • Infinite Playa
  • Multiverse
  • Sparkleverse


When will the Universes open and close?

The Multiverse officially opens at 12:01am PDT on Monday, August 31, 2020. Each Universe is aiming to be open by that time, and some will be incrementally adding more features and opening more areas throughout the week. Check Universe websites for updates. 


The Universes will all be open through the typical Burning Man event week, which concludes on the first Monday of September. However, one of the advantages of being digital is that some Universes will continue to allow visitors past the event week.

Access & Technology


Do I need a VR headset to access the Multiverse?

No. None of the Recognized Universes in the Multiverse requires a VR headset. Some of them do support VR headsets, and if you have one, it is a fantastic way to enjoy the experiences.


How do I access the Universes using a computer/mobile and internet browser?

Visit the Kindling Multiverse page to find links to visit the websites and enter any of the Universes. Most are accessible via internet browser, although some will require a download from their website. Exceptions:

  • BURN2 and BRCvr require you to visit their website and download an application to enter.
  • Multiverse is not accessible from computers; it is only accessible via an application download on a mobile device.


What are the minimum system requirements?

For most Universes, all you need is an internet browser and internet connection. Specific information, by Universe, is available in our Practical Guide to Navigating the Multiverse.

Click here to download a PDF of the Guide.


What Universes support VR headsets?

BRCvr, the Bridge Experience, Mysticverse, Multiverse and Temple 2020 currently support, or plan to support, VR headsets. 


Which VR headsets are supported?

It varies depending on the Universe:


  • BRCvr – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality
  • Bridge Experience – Oculus Quest, perhaps others via browser
  • Mysticverse – Any
  • Multiverse – Future support planned for Oculus Quest
  • Temple 2020 – Oculus Quest or any headset that can access the Steam VR store


How do I access the Universes using a VR headset?

This answer will vary depending on the Universe and perhaps the headset model. 

  • BRCvr: Detailed instructions are available at their website
  • Bridge Experience: Use the browser on your headset to access and login. Then click the gear icon to open the menu, and click the headset icon to enable XR experience. Compatible headsets will now see a 360-degree experience.
  • Mysticverse: A limited number of art installations support viewing in VR; use your headset browser to access the experience and locate compatible installations. Check their website for more information.
  • Multiverse: Oculus Quest support is a stretch goal; if it becomes available, information will be posted on their website.
  • Temple 2020: Information not yet available, check their website for more details. Access will be through the Steam VR store.


Can I customize my avatar?

All Universes that support avatars have a way to customize them. How, and to what extent, will vary depending on the Universe.


How do I connect the dongle?

The dongle is essential to the Multiverse optimization acceleration. To enable this, you must connect the dongle. Depending on your computer setup and local power phase inversion, use either USB A, B or C to connect the dongle and establish warp core synchronization.


Do I need Zoom?

Zoom is not required for any of the Universes. However, some experiences that you enter from within Universes may take you to a Zoom room or other video conferencing platform. Whether you decide to participate in that event, and install any needed software, is entirely up to you.


I was in a Universe and it seemed like it crashed, what happened?

It probably crashed. That is totally a thing in technology. Instead of seeing this as a glass-half-empty, consider that not everyone gets to experience this sort of implosion and you may have been part of something very special. 


Getting Around / Doing the Things


How do I move around in the Universes?

Each Universe has its own interface. While many of them are browser-based and allow you to navigate as you would a website, others may require you to learn some new navigation tools and skills. We recommend that you read through each Universe’s website to get all the details.


Is there a place in the Universes I can learn more about Burning Man Project?

Yes! Burning Man Project is establishing an Embassy of Information in all of the Universes. The location will vary a little bit but for those Universes with a map similar to Black Rock City, it should be around 6:30 & Esplanade.


Is there a What Where When or schedule of events?

Kindling includes listings of many of the events that are scheduled to take place in the Multiverse. If you have an event planned, you are welcome to submit it to be listed on Kindling. Some Universes may also have listings of events available within their experience. Exploring each Universe will undoubtedly uncover many exciting possibilities!


How can I find a specific camp?

Many camps you might find in Black Rock City can be found in the Multiverse. Some will be in multiple Universes, some in a single Universe, some may not have a virtual location but will instead offer events listed through Kindling, and some may be sitting this year out. The best way to learn what your favorite camps are planning is to check out their social media postings or find their contact info on our archive of Theme Camp listings to ask them directly. 


How can I find specific art?

There is not a central listing of art installations. Art placement, like theme camp placement, is decentralized in the Multiverse. Art is being coordinated and placed by each individual Universe. Let us know if you create a directory of the art installations you discover!


Can I still bring art to a Universe?

Some Universes are still accepting art, and will continue to do so through the event. Sparkleverse and Build-a-Burn both have self-service tools that allow users to upload and place art. Other Universes may also still accept art, though it will likely depend on whether it is in a developed, ready and compatible format. Each Universe has provided information on their website about sharing art, and many offer contact forms for submitting it.


Can I still bring a theme camp to a Universe?

Yes! Please visit the website of the Universe into which you’d like to bring a camp. Many are still accepting theme camps. Sparkleverse, Multiverse and Build-a-Burn have self-service tools that will allow you to set up your own camp quickly.


Is there a Center Camp?

Not every Universe is organized like Black Rock City, with a center camp. Some have completely different map designs. BRCvr is organizing a Center Camp area, in the typical central location on the BRC map, that is expected to have cafe-style performances. Other Universes may also have Center Camp experiences – explore to find out!

Interacting with Others


How do I find my friends online?

This simple question is incredibly complicated to answer. Every Universe has a different interface, and offers different experiences. The best way to find your friends is to set a time and place to meet, and have a communication plan outside the Universe (text, phone, etc.) to fall back on if you can not find each other. Some Universes allow you to “add friends,” and we suggest using that function when you do find people you want to connect with later.


Where is a good place to hang out with the people I usually camp with?

Each of the Universes in the Multiverse allows you to hang out, explore and have experiences with other participants. Figuring out which Universe is a “good” place is really going to depend on what you want to do, and your personal preferences. Check out each Universe to get a feel for their interface, and what type of vibe and experiences they have to offer. 


Can my friends and I go to a private place or camp?

The Universes have created spaces that are generally accessible to any participant. You likely will be able to find some public spaces that don’t have other participants in them, but they are still public spaces where others might show up. Sparkleverse does support 4-person private chats, Build-a-Burn will allow you to build a camp with a custom link (and to request it not be publicly listed), and BRCvr will allow you to build your own camp/world which can be private (though doing so is non-trivial). If you seek a secure, private space to gather online, you may wish to consider solutions outside the Multiverse.


I want to see real faces, not avatars, where should I go?

One of the greatest parts of having a Multiverse is that there are so many different ways to experience it. If computer graphics and avatars are not your thing, Build-a-Burn is a fantastic way to video chat with people around you. Sparkleverse is also great to navigate with a small group of friends and video or voice chat with them. Both are wonderful for meeting new people too! While avatar-based, the Bridge Experience also allows you to video chat with others.

Man & Temple


Which Universe is the Man in?

Each Universe has built a Man. Universes received the plans that were intended for this year’s Man base, and some have followed those plans, others designed their own base, and, if you look carefully, one Universe has done both.


What is happening on Burn Night?

On September 5th, after spending Burn Week exploring the marvels of the Multiverse, you can join us for Burn Night: Live From Home – a round-the-clock, round-the-world virtual celebration of the night we typically burn the Man in Black Rock City. If you choose to build and burn your own effigy, you can register here to have your personal Burn Night video featured online as part of this historic celebration, starting at the International Dateline and culminating at 9pm PDT when the Man will burn in the Multiverse and everywhere! 


Which Universe is the Temple in?

While the design for this year’s Empyrean Temple has been recreated in many of the other Universes, the official 2020 Temple – the Ethereal Empyrean Experience – is a unique, standalone, interactive experience that allows you to leave and witness offerings.


When is the Temple open?

The Temple Offering website opened on August 7, and offerings may be created through Saturday, September 5. Unfortunately, offerings made after August 29 cannot be rendered into visible objects in the Temple – but will be included in the virtual burn in which the data comprising all of the offerings will be destroyed. The Temple will be open to visitors that wish to view it and the offerings starting August 30th.


How can I make a Temple offering?

There is an amazing interactive offering creation experience online, as well as videos and other media explaining how to create an offering.


How can I go inside the Temple?

After the Temple opens on August 30, visitors will be able to go inside on a solo journey and view groups of eight offerings at a time. You will need to download an application to your computer to explore the Temple experience. Full details will be found on the Temple website once the Temple opens.


Will the Temple burn?

Yes, virtually and physically. You are invited to join the virtual Temple Burn ceremony on Sunday, September 6 at 8pm. And all data, software and physical computer hardware containing the digital Temple Offerings will be destroyed. Information on viewing these events will be added to the Temple Burn page as the date approaches.

Support Services


Who are the Multiverse Support Services Teams, and what do they do within the Multiverse?

We are a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to improving the safety and wellbeing of the greater Burning Man community. We offer non-judgemental compassionate emotional support and peer mediation to anyone in need.  We are here to provide a safer space for people to grieve, emote, remember and celebrate Black Rock City, Burning Man culture and the expansion into the virtual Multiverse.


We are not a crisis line and we do not offer any professional services or emergency services.  If you are experiencing a medical or psychological emergency, please contact your local emergency services immediately.


The Multiverse Support Services Teams are: 

  • Multiverse Rangers and Harm Reduction Volunteers
  • Playa Info Volunteers; and
  • Temple Guardians


Please understand that these services are not part of Burning Man Project, and that they are not staff of Burning Man Project or any of the universes. They are participants just like you.


Who are the Multiverse Rangers? And what do they do?  

Multiverse Rangers are traditional guardians of the shared values of the Burner community. They respond to the ever-changing environment and may address situations within their community which might otherwise require outside intervention. 


Multiverse Rangers may:


Provide Direct Assistance:

  • Listen to someone who is upset or grieving 
  • Call services to support psychic aid and stay until they arrive
  • Request services for expressions of harm, violence, abuse, psychic pain or emergency


  • Answer questions about Burning Man
  • Direct a Participant to a Universe Host/Community Manager
  • Explain about a Universe’s Community Standards, Code of Conduct (including Harassment or Bullying), or Maturity Policy to a Participant
  • Educate Participants about how to deal with individuals or objects that they find offensive or disruptive

Mediate and De-escalate: 

  • Mediate a dispute between Participants and camps
  • Mediate a dispute between a Universe Community Manager and a Participant
  • Maintain a presence and forge connections
  • Sit and talk with people in the Universes
  • Be present – not interfering – while a Community Manager does their job


Multiverse Rangers do NOT:

  • Act as a cop, security force or hall monitor
  • Actively patrol looking for violations or violators
  • Act as a Community Moderator
  • Battle trolls or platform hackers/griefers
  • Enforce Universe guidelines, rules, Terms of Service or Community Standards through “Kicks” or “Bans” 


How do I reach the Multiverse Rangers?

Multiverse Rangers are accessible directly from all worlds and camps in the Multiverse, this may be a button or option in a drop down menu or may be an actual Multiverse Ranger HQ within the Universe. You can also contact Multiverse Rangers in video or text chat at


What is Playa Info?

Playa Info is a place where participants across the Multiverse can talk to a live person and ask any question! Knowledgeable Oracles can answer questions directly or point you to relevant links. It’s a hub of information about all of the Burning Man 2020 Universes, events, concerts, etc. A source of information about the Burning Man culture and that event in the desert.


How can I reach Playa Info?

Playa Info is accessible directly from all worlds and camps in the Multiverse! Playa Info will be open, for sure, 6:00pm to 12:00 midnight BRC time (PDT)! Come by the rest of the day we’re probably there. You can also reach Playa Info directly.


Who are the Temple Guardians?

Temple Guardians hold the space of the Temple, maintaining an environment that allows equal access for everyone to have the experience and expression that they need. They keep the space, as well as the participants who visit it, safe.


How can I reach a Temple Guardian

Temple Guardians will be present in BRCvr in the Empyrean Temple world and at the Temple location on the virtual playa. Participants anywhere in the Multiverse can go here to connect with a Temple Guardian by video, voice, text chat or email.