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Campfire Talks is a monthly series hosted by Burning Man Project’s Camp Support Team comprised of volunteers from Black Rock City’s theme camp community. The series brings together theme camp organizers by the virtual campfire to feature their stories, share their knowledge, discuss timely topics, and to find new ways to connect.


Burning Man Project’s Artist Storytelling Series

Aunt Athena, Stuart Mangrum, and $teven Ra$pa Discuss the 10 Principles

It’s a rare moment, and we filmed it in BRCvr for y’all to watch in perpetuity. Stuart Mangrum, Director of Burning Man Project’s Philosophical Center, and $teven Ra$pa, Burning Man Project’s Associate Director of Community Events, joined Aunt Athena Demos in the BRCvr Philosophical Centre for a rousing conversation about Burning Man’s 10 Principles.

Rolling Devil Man, 2008 (Photo: Bryce Hunt)

The Demon Garden

Join Burning Man philosopher and author Caveat Magister and collaborators as they walk us through the Demon Garden — a deeply personal and radically self-expressive ritual that invites participants to share and banish their inner demons.

In June 2021, the Burning Man Regional Network Forum: Emerging, Wayfinding, Igniting was held as an online regathering for all community leaders across the globe to re-inspire engagement in Burning Man culture beyond Black Rock City and strengthen the cultural connections between regional communities after a year of cancelled Regional Events, prototyping COVID-safe interactive art experiences, and pandemic-related isolation. 


Burning Man Project’s Global Activation Call Series highlights community projects and invites conversations to inspire activation.


Burning Man LIVE

A New Podcast from Burning Man Project

Meet the people who make Burning Man happen, beyond the desert and out in the world. Artists, activists, and innovators. Builders and Burners, freaks and fools. Burning Man floats on a sea of stories, and the Burning Man LIVE podcast is a plucky little boat with a microphone.

at Burning Man

A sound-rich documenary series — ok, a podcast — that captures the inspiring, quirky, beautiful, aural complexity of our community through stories of camps and projects.


A Kindling Oral Storytelling Project

The word Blueprints implies instructions to build something. Hosted by Sassy VonDish, each of these micro stories functions as a map for becoming kind and resilient, based on hands-on knowledge gained from being an active participant in Black Rock City.

Culturally Attuned

A USIP & Burning Man Podcast

Have you ever wanted to work in a community or culture that was radically different than the one you grew up in? The Culturally Attuned podcast and curriculum, a partner effort between the United States Institute of Peace and Burning Man Project, explores this question. The podcast and course will share real world stories, lessons, and practical advice for people who work in a range of settings around the world and who may find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings.


2021 Virtual Burning Man: Meet the Worlds

By Kirsten Weisenburger

A series about discovering the magic, wonder, and nuggets of intel for navigating the six virtual worlds of 2021 Virtual Burning Man. Each world is building on the remarkable adventures shared last year — co-creating new and highly imaginative ways to explore what it means to be a virtual Burner. Please use this series as a guide to help you be prepared and stay informed as you travel through the virtual dust.

Year Two Update: Progress On Burning Man Project’s Sustainability Roadman

By Burning Man Project

Two years ago this week, Burning Man Project shared a 10-year Environmental Sustainability Roadmap. Our goals are to sustainably manage waste, be ecologically regenerative, and be carbon negative by 2030. We are thrilled to share our Year Two Sustainability Report Update on just how far we’ve come and what steps we’re taking next

365: A Burning Man Field Guide

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”  –Marcel ProusAs Burners emerge from various phases of interruption and self-isolation, we’re all looking for ways to connect. Some of us are only just beginning to explore what’s possible; others are well into planning events and excursions. It’s understandable to feel a little unsteady stepping back into the world. We could all use a little guidance finding our way together.

So, You Want to Visit the Playa this Summer…

By Marnee BensonBurning Man Project

A series about visiting the Black Rock Desert in the summer of 2021, with updates from BLM, insights into desert life, responsible recreation on public lands, Leaving No Trace, staying safe, visiting Gerlach and the surrounding communities, emergency services, and much more. Please use this series as a guide to help you be prepared and stay informed as you travel to the Black Rock Desert.

Burning Man 2020 Dispatch

By Burning Man Project

“You have to contemplate the past, and you have to look toward the future with an open heart in order to be in the present.”

– Larry Harvey


Raygun Gothic Rocketship by Sean Orlando on the San Francisco Embacadero
Artists - Darryl Montana/ Jeff Poree Chief House New Orleans 2017 by Bryan Tarnowski
Artist- David Best-built-in-Derry-Londonderry-Northern-Ireland-

Spotlight on Public Art

Dung Beetle Project, Afrika Burn, 2018, Photo by Jeffrey Barbee
Penelope Peacock Treefort Music Fest. by The Colossal Collective
Giant Puppet Harare Intl. Art Festival 2018 by Tnash Photography
2017 GART -Hermitage Museum, Photo By Yuzhu Zheng, Artwork By Bree Hylkema, Storied Haven
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