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Burning Man LIVE

A New Podcast from Burning Man Project

Meet the people who make Burning Man happen, beyond the desert and out in the world. Artists, activists, and innovators. Builders and Burners, freaks and fools. Burning Man floats on a sea of stories, and the Burning Man LIVE podcast is a plucky little boat with a microphone.

at Burning Man

A sound-rich documenary series — ok, a podcast — that captures the inspiring, quirky, beautiful, aural complexity of our community through stories of camps and projects.


A Kindling Oral Storytelling Project

The word Blueprints implies instructions to build something. Hosted by Sassy VonDish, each of these micro stories functions as a map for becoming kind and resilient, based on hands-on knowledge gained from being an active participant in Black Rock City.

Culturally Attuned

A USIP & Burning Man Podcast

Have you ever wanted to work in a community or culture that was radically different than the one you grew up in? The Culturally Attuned podcast and curriculum, a partner effort between the United States Institute of Peace and Burning Man Project, explores this question. The podcast and course will share real world stories, lessons, and practical advice for people who work in a range of settings around the world and who may find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings.


Unraveling the Connective Tissue of Storytelling at Burning Man


The Significance of Connecting the Burning Man Experience Through Our Stories

Is there a connective tissue among the stories that have arisen from the multiverse of the Burning Man Experience?

Happy Birthday, Larry


People still ask me: “What do you think Larry’s theme would have been for Burning Man this year?”

Oh, come on … if I knew that …

I can talk about his process, I can talk about what he paid attention to … my god, I miss those long conversations … but I can’t imagine what Larry’s theme would have been precisely because he was a genuine visionary. The real deal.

Introducing Blueprints: A New Audio Series About Hard-won Burner Knowledge


Hosted by the inimitable Sassy VonDish, Blueprints is a new Burning Man Project oral storytelling project that documents the lessons learned and hands-on knowledge gained from being an active participant in Black Rock City. Each short podcast is a conversation with a remarkable human who, through diving in and getting involved in the Burner-verse, has learned resilience, empathy, kindness, and other qualities that bring a lasting impact well beyond the trash fence.

Radical Involvement in the Uprisings

By UrsaLee

What does it mean to surrender to the storyline and participate without knowing where it will end?

6 Things to Know About Making Art at Home

Breakin’ it down with artist Kate Raudenbush.

One of her canvases (the playa) may be temporarily unavailable, but that doesn’t mean Burning Man artist Kate Raudenbush isn’t always thinking creatively. We recently learned how she’s approaching art during this time and managed to extract some tips for beginner artists who may want to flex their creative muscle at home.


Spotlight on the Man & Man Bases

2014 (Photo by Michael Holden)
Youth Educational Spacecraft & The Man, 2013 (Photo by Eleanor Preger)
Skelly, 2015 (Photo by John Chandler)
Minds Wide Open, 2015 (Photo by Cindy Graver)
The Man, 2018 (Photo by Stephane Lanoux)
2015 (Photo by Ray Moss)
The Man, 2012 (Photo by Tom Anderson)
The Man in His Pavillion, 2017 (Photo by Luke Szczepanski)
Guardiano Leone by Kevin Clark, 2016 (Photo by Philip Safarik)
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