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by: Mischell Riley
from: Carson City, NV
year: 2017

Maya’s Mind is a large bust of Maya Angelou on top of 3 books where you can walk in to the back of her head. Maya’s Mind is a 15 foot tall 8 feet wide sculpture of Maya Angelou the African American great poet. This sculpture will be a large bust that will be placed on 3 books lying flat and creating a stairway that you can walk up into Maya’s mind.

The top of her head on the inside will be hanging a Birdcage that has no bottom and inside will be a bird in honor of her most famous book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. On top of her bust she’ll have a head wrap that turns into Birds taking flight symbolizing I Rise I Rise Again. Walking up into the back of the open head area will be a mural of her childhood and different phases of her life including her famous poetry readings and interaction touching surfaces with different textures and shapes and discovering hidden pictures under, in, and around things. I am hoping to have voice activation for some of her poetry if I get permission to use her voice. Her voice is unique and powerful.
URL: https://www.facebook.com/mayasmind2017/ Contact: mayasmind2017@gmail.com

Stories About Diversity & Radical Inclusion

This long-form series is designed to spark conversations about diversity, Radical Inclusion, and differences in the global Burning Man community. Explore topics such as cultural appropriation, diversity in Black Rock City, and being radically inclusive in a global, year-round culture.


Project Radical Inclusion

Project Radical Inclusion is dedicated to radically including more cultural diversity at Black Rock City.

It was established as a camp-driven program in 2015 at Camp Que Viva by the late Laura Diamond who was dedicated to seeing more socioeconomic diversity at Burning Man.