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Honey Lounge is a space for buzzing about ideas, projects, and courses shared in Burning Man Hive, an open community space for sharing, learning, getting inspired, and cross-pollinating.

Honey Lounge is Hive community event offered monthly on the 17th (we will vary times to be inclusive to different time zones). Each Honey Lounge consists of short presentations and small group conversations.

To join Hive, go to hive.burningman.org and log in with your Burner Profile username and password (if you don’t have a Burner Profile yet, you can create one here).

And if you’d like to be a presenter, let us know here.

Honey Lounge 3: Gifting

December 2021


Mel Hormel – Decommodified Gifting

jmatt- “The Gift of Community Engagement”


Simone – Holly Jolly Principles of Burning Man: Reflections for Harmonious Holidays

Grateful Heart – Leave No Trace Cooking.

You can also find her cooking shows on Hive:  Beet Top Recipe and Carrot Top Pesto!

Buck Down – We Deserve Love.

Artist website is www.buckdown.net.  Lyric Video of the performed song: https://youtu.be/uXLfZtUJ1Q0

Honey Lounge 2: Sustainability

November 2021


Honey Lounge Intro by our host JMatt

Nick Farr aka Brace . – Renewable Energy Community

Ways YOU can help make Renewable Energy happen in Black Rock City and beyond!


Stephen Chun – Bokashi Composting

Burning Man Project piloted a compost program this summer to divert our food waste and remediate soil in hopes of growing food and native plants.


Tim Barry aka ain frog . – Hive Impact! MeidMeisterschaften 2021 CO2e offset.

I will talk about the success of the 2021 MediMeistershaften event, CO2e offset and fundraising resulting from a fast-track collaboration begun on the Hive with the Medi team and the Green Theme Camp Community, applying BLAST.

Chris Clark – Ripple 

I will be presenting Ripple, one of the top ten projects of the LAGI 2020 Design Competition. I’ll cover in the presentation where we came from, where we are currently, and what our future plans are to build our permanent installation at Burning Man’s Fly Ranch in Nevada. www.flyripple.org.

Samantha Romanick – “LNT on and off the playa” 

I will be presenting how Burning Man participants can really leave no trace on the playa by practicing the concept of reusing. These habits can also be practiced in the default world to reduce waste in our everyday lives.


Honey Lounge: Premier

October 2021

Phoenix Gigi . shared about “The Great Giveback Challenge”

What it is about, their current projects, plans and how you can get involved. Join the Great Giveback Challenge Group on Hive, check out their website or email them (ggb.backstage@gmail.com).

Bruce Cooper – RAT presents the Solar 101 course 

As well as the Solar Powered Art on Playa course and the Renewables for Artists Team (RAT). If you want to learn more join one of the upcoming RAT weekly meet’s, or participate in the 2021 Renewable Energy Burner Symposium on November 6th. 

Anjelika aka Dr Kegels (she/her) . and “Tower of Babel”

Tower of Babel is an idea to create discussion groups in various languages centered around sharing stories and discussing the 10 Principles. Anjelika inviting non-english native speakers to follow her example and create discussions groups in their own languages in Hive. If you are a Russian speaking Burner, join her Russian speaking group here

Sheila . presented the Camp Guidance Project 

An emerging guide to assist camps and individuals with understanding and practicing Radical Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity (R.I.D.E.) inside and outside of Burning Man. 

Scott aka Frogbeater . introduced the Playa Art Builders Collective

He shared a little about his experience as a Playa artist and as a mentor to new Burner Playa artists along with the vision for the Playa Art Builders Collective. For now you can find them here.

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