A road trip to find what unites Americans together. A film by Jason Rodi.

‘What is your definition of freedom?’

From award winning documentary filmmaker, Jason Rodi (BOUVETØYA, THE EYE OF THE SON) comes VOICES OF FREEDOM, a stunning, honest, and thought-provoking portrait of America. Flowing back and forth across the land, we look for common threads in a sometimes shocking, and often profound discourse on our most common human value: freedom. Meeting Americans from all walks of life, political views and religious beliefs, we explore the ground uniting a divided people.
From fear to freedom, we journey across the full spectrum of the American identity. From Mount Rushmore to the Liberty Bell, Black Rock City to Washington D.C., we share struggles, aspirations, courage and hope. A pure road movie taking a picturesque look toward the future of the United States, VOICES OF FREEDOM is an inspiring ode to the American dream in a time when it is most needed.

A man in Montana who spent 20 years of his life in jail. A motorcyclist dying of cancer on his way to the Grand Canyon. A 17 year old black girl from New Jersey studying political science. A veteran wrapped in guilt builds a war monument for the city of Savannah, GA. A young woman leaves her job at the United Nations and travels to a place deep in the desert of Black Rock, Nevada, where nothing is for sale and everything is free. The stories, views, and emotions of every person we meet is heartfelt and beautifully captured by a camera always in movement, always seeking for more, for beauty and truth. Ultimately the film aims to inspire and be uplifting, regenerating pride in the American people by reminding the core value that brings them together: Freedom.


Father, explorer, filmmaker, creative entrepreneur, Jason Rodi‘s dreams have taken him atop the highest mountain on every continent, the North and South poles, and sailing across the seven seas to the most remote island on the planet. In 2017 Jason was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross of Canada for creating the multimedia entertainment studio, Moment Factory He has been working as NOMAD since 2007. NOMAD is a creative coworking production studio off the tracks of the Montreal Mile End, streaming original videos every day on NOMADlife.tv.


Aug 01, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 01, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020

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