Truth or Dare Den

Come join us in The Truth or Dare Den!

In The Truth or Dare Den you’ll be given the choice of baring your soul or showing your more outrageous side. We will tell you your options first and then ask you to choose Truth or Dare. We’ve prepared questions that will help you to share your truths with the group and dares that are sure to make us all laugh. Our camp is a playful space where you choose how to participate. We especially invite you to embrace the principles of participation, immediacy, and radical self expression as you share and dare.

I dare you to join us.

We are three lovely burner ladies who will be broadcasting live from Vietnam! Our camp will be playing Truth or Dare with you starting at 10pm Pacific time on Friday Night. We’re living in the future universe, so this means that it will be noon on Saturday here in Vietnam! Transport yourself to the future and join us in our time zone for an Intermission Pancake Brunch. Grab your favorite box of pancake mix and cook along with us. And don’t forget the mimosas!

After our Intermission Pancake Brunch we will be right back to more crazy Truth or Dare antics!

From our side of this rock in the universe to yours, we are so excited for the chance to play Truth or Dare with you in the Multiverse!!

I dare you to join us
Schedule (Pacific Standard Time):
10:00-10:50- Truth or Dare!
10:50-11:10- Intermission: Pancake Breakfast
11:10-12:00- Truth or Dare!

I dare you to join us.


This camp is a space where burners can come to play Truth or Dare. Instead of making a choice before hearing the options, we will give each participant two choices. One will be a question about themselves and the other will be a dare. Dares are designed so that they can be performed alone. We have tried to choose truth and dare options that are fun or that challenge the participant to think and share with the group. You should expect to be asked questions about topics that you usually might not talk about with strangers in the default world. Be prepared to lose your inhibitions and do silly and fun dares will us! We have some dares that we certainly can’t wait to see you perform, but you can always choose the Truth option if you’re too chicken, (or if you have a meaningful truth that you want to share).
Participants should be respectful and do their best to provide a safe space where people are free to be playful and feel comfortable telling their stories. You should plan to participate in the game and to cheer others along!

We embrace the principles of radical participation, self-expression, and immediacy and have tried to incorporate them into this experience.

You do not need to bring anything to participate in this game!

We will be having an intermission pancake breakfast. If you’d like to bring your favorite pancake box batter and cook with us, you are more than welcome! Feel free to bring your mimosas and other concoctions to the party.

Optional Materials (100% optional):
1 box pancake mix
1 egg
Orange juice

The event is finished.



Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 29, 2020
  • Time: 3:00 am - 3:00 am


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