Thinkers, Tinkers, and Stinkers: Tinkers Workshop

Thinkers, Tinkers, and Stinkers: The Tinkers Workshop

Thinkers, Tinkers, and Stinkers is an interactive educational series with the theoreticians, builders, and provocateurs who are pushing the boundaries of societal momentum and culture norms. The Thinkers will carry us into new streams of thought and ideas and break down the intellectual barriers to revolutionary thinking. The Tinkers will teach us how to build and create things that help set us outside the scope of mundane living. And, the Stinkers will show us how to create moments and events that pull others into a life of beneficial provocation.

This is an interactive session. Short presentations followed by discussion and Q&A.

Tinkers Workshop:

Diana Dingles-Greenfield – Three things that most people wouldn’t put together! Fairies, Goths, and Jesus. Rev. Diana from Glastonbury UK, known locally as the Fairy Goth Vicar will chat about how she acquired the unusual title as she dresses in her best Fairy Goth outfit, wings and wands are optional.

Jim Hogue – Jim converts a small, light cargo trailer into a dust tight camper with bed, kitchen, windows power and storage. Burn in it, or live in it. How to travel on the tiny. From Ramona, CA, USA.

Matt (The Pirate) Bender – Circus Performer, Fire-Spinner, full time Pirate Matthew Bender teaches us how to prepare to be a Goth Pirate. This guy has more tricks up his sleeve than Pen and Teller.

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Local Time

  • Timezone: Europe/Paris
  • Date: Oct 28, 2020
  • Time: 8:00 am - 8:00 am


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