THE LIFE CUBE PRESENTS: Sound Healing by UV YOGA, Yoga by Yuval Samburski.

Sound Healing Live Chanting with instruments from all around the world. DON’T MISS THIS!

Sound Healing Live Chanting with instruments from all around the world.
The Vijnamaya Kosha is linked to the right side of our brain, our parasympathetic nervous system, that part of your mind that could remain aware of the thoughts, without getting caught up in them. It is the part of the mind we aim to activate in yogic practices like meditation. It is the part of your brain that watches, almost as if from an outside window looking in: “Why did I act or react this way? Why did I say that right then? Why do I still let it get to me this much?”.

This part of your mind sees you not as separated, but connected to the entire universe and everything in it. It is the part of the brain which is genius, creative and all-loving. The deepest layer, is the most exciting layer yet, it is the layer of bliss, of unity, of the soul. Anandamaya Kosha is when everything merges. All the layers become one and you too become one with the cosmic consciousness. Perhaps a hard notion to grasp, but when you “do the work” of yoga (for centuries), dive in through and beyond all of these layers, you can reach the seed of it all. Your Soul, your higher-Self, the pure light inside of you. You, as a part of the cosmic breath.

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  • Timezone: Europe/Berlin
  • Date: Oct 20, 2020
  • Time: 9:00 am - 9:00 am