The Black Rock Forest Project

Come and join the Forest!

We are inviting artists and artists-to-be from across the globe to create a tree.

Your tree.

Use the media of your choice; sculpture, oil, print, video, etc. We want each tree to be an expression of your own vision. Ultimately, we will construct a forest of your trees to acknowledge our belonging to a greater whole.

Trees, an ancient symbol of life and growth, are crucial members of our greater communities. Providing beauty and color, food and shelter, medicine, even the essential oxygen we breathe. Trees, as diverse in their varieties as humankind, are a metaphor for us.

Forests are not just a collection of one type of tree, but are diverse and interconnected environments of many varieties of trees, vines, shrubs, moss, animals and loam, each element needing and complimenting the others.

Our vision is for a project in two parts:

Once your tree is completed, please submit an image or video to us. We will add it to a webpage where they will be collected and curated into a collaborative art presentation. The presentation will consist of a video, and include a searchable webpage describing the Black Rock Forest project, a list of the artists with their bios, and a description of their art pieces. The goal is to be made part of the Virtual presentation for Burning Man in August of 2020.

Then in 2021, we invite you to bring your tree to Nevada for creation of a physical Black Rock Forest. Sculptures would be organized on Playa and augmented with lighting and sound. A path through the trees would be delineated and benches will be placed for seated reflection.

Paintings and other frameable art would be placed in Center Camp or the ARTery.

We are asking you to participate regardless of whether or not you have ever brought your art to Black Rock City. Within our capabilities, we will strive to overcome barriers that make it difficult to transport and construct art on Playa.

Inclusiveness and International participation are our particular goals. We want to include established artists, and we especially invite those interested in creating art for the first time, and from as many countries as we are able.

The event is finished.


Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 29, 2020
  • Time: 3:00 am - 3:00 am