Sake Tasting Curated by Reiko + Camp Synthesis

Join Camp Synthesis for our annual Sake Tasting on the Playa, led by Sake sommelier, Reiko. Are you Sake Curious, Sake Fan, or a true Sake Explorer? We have a plan for all levels and budgets. Your task: get a bottle or can of sake to enjoy during our event. Part of the process of enjoying Sake, like wine, is to learn the process and history, while tasting. Sake can be an enjoyable part of a meal, or as a drink enjoyed with friends, or to cap off a long day. Sake is made from rice, so has different properties vs other drinks. For the Sake Curious, someone who is interested, but maybe, not familiar with Sake, we recommend you to purchase a bottle of Nigori Sake ($10-$20). For the Sake Fan, we recommend Junmai Ginjo ($30-$50) and Tokubetsu Junmai (~sub $30 range). For the Sake Explorer, let’s go for three bottles: Junmai Daiginjo ($60-$100+), a seasonal sake (check with your local Sake retailer), and a sparkling sake ($15-$30). Of course, if you spot a bottle with gold flakes, you can snag that and use it for mixed drinks. It’s a novelty.

To drink, we of course prefer a sake glass set, hand made if possible. If not, grab shot glasses. If you can make it out to a Japanese market, wooden square cups. It adds fl avor and some uniqueness to the experience. Reiko will explain the different ways to drink. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy the solo taste of sake, have some mixers available. Reiko has some interesting cocktails you can make.

References for purchasing Sake:

You must be 21 or older in the US to purchase and consume alcohol

If you have a local Japanese Market, this will be the best option for finding something good. It won’t be the cheapest. Total Wine and More has a reasonable selection to purchase, although we don’t support any particular business, these are widely found around many states. For online delivery, Instacart can actually deliver Sake within 15 minutes. Yes, check it out. They don’t have a good selection. But they have stuff. There are some great boutique sake e-commerce sites and stores. Visit the one in your neighborhood. You will spend ½ the price of a bottle on delivery from these sites. Lastly, your local Japanese sushi bar will likely sell you a bottle in Covid times.

Reiko is a part-time sake kikishi (solminer) at the sake tasting room in Berkeley California. Professionally, she has been a leading UX designer with a track record of achievement and is currently working with a video game company. Reiko has earned MA in Web Design & New Media and BFA in Motion Pictures & Television from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She is the author of the book titled “in Blackrock”

To connect to the event: check out the mysticverse schedule, or the event link for further details about ways to tune in:

Instructions will be there to tune into a Youtube stream or join directly in VR via Hubs.

Our camp explores the nature of 3 great things: Sushi, Sake, and Synths. We look forward to seeing you on the virtual playa.

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Local Time

  • Timezone: Europe/Berlin
  • Date: Oct 20, 2020
  • Time: 9:00 am - 9:00 am