Celestial Bodies – your straight friendly gay bar and lounge

Welcome to Celestial Bodies – your straight friendly gay bar and lounge (since 2004).

We are building a virtual bar and lounge that users can explore day and night. We are taking some of our classic Celestial Bodies events and making them available to all, not just during burn week but as long as Kindling exists. As we do on playa, we are committed to creating an authentic virtual experience that adheres to several of the Ten Principles. Our project is intended for veterans and virgins who are curious about what it’s like to visit Celestial Bodies. Our first three interactive activities are recreations of actual events we provide during the burn week each year. We make everyone feel welcome, inviting them to radically express themselves and connect to our community.

Our 3 events are:

1.Celestialscope, a life size Kaleidoscope that famously turns any object into a gorgeous piece of kaleidoscope art.
-Users will download a photo then move and change the Celestialscope, levers to create a one of a kind kaleidoscope art piece.
-The piece is then ready for the user to save or, if they choose, their art will be displayed in our gallery (after moderator review).

2.Tattoo Tuesday, becomes Tattoo Today
-Users will select a photo of themselves and then move and size our Camp logo tattoo on their preferred spot.
-Once the spot is selected, an animation follows of our beloved tattoo application expert blowing air on the tattoo to set it in place.
-The piece is then ready for the user to save or if they choose their art will be displayed in our gallery. (after moderator review).

3.Do you miss hanging out at the bar and making new friends? So do we!
-Guests can interact with a virtual bartender.
-Questions will be asked and the guest will have their answers recorded. Questions include: What’s your favorite piece of artworks on playa? What’s the best advice you were ever given?
-Once the guest answers a few questions they can then listen to the response of other people at the bar.

The event is finished.


Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 29, 2020
  • Time: All Day