BMIR Labor Day weekend programming

BMIR will rise from the proverbial dust to offer 80+ hours of continuous broadcast over Labor Day weekend. Starting on Friday 9/4 @ 10am (pdt) and running non-stop through Monday 9/7 @ 11:59pm, head over to for the same programming you know and love from BRC, including camp promos, Multiverse burn announcements, music, talk radio, call-ins and more.

While BMIR has historically been a radio station that adheres to the idea of the Temporary Autonomous Zone, we believe that due to the current state of the world’s affairs it is of utmost importance to utilize our voice to facilitate dialogue and thought-provoking content for the sake of pushing social change. Inspired by the BLM movement, yet not contained by it, BMIR will be broadcasting over 80 hours of programming over Labor Day weekend, focusing on the pressing issues at hand in our world. From Black Lives Matter to LGBTQ+ civil liberties to the plight (and future) of the Indigenous peoples of this land, we desire to use our trusted medium to give a voice to those that need to be amplified at this paramount intersection of space and time.

Topics to be addressed include (but are not limited to): the alternative history of America, reparations, POC in the workforce, removing symbols of hate, racism as generational abuse, police brutality, laws and sexuality, race and the media, being Black at Burning Man, white privilege, the history of Black music in America, and what we can do as burners and humans to collectively to create a better future together.

While every moment of every day may not be exactly on topic, our goal is for this to be an overarching theme throughout the weekend. Interviews with experts and Burners will be conducted by our well honed staff, being culled from a variety of sources within and beyond the Burning Man community. We have the technology, know-how, and heart to pull this together into something that not only our community, yet the greater world at large, can enjoy.

We’re looking forward to having you tune in! Below please find our schedule (subject and likely to change without notice):

Fri 9/4 10a-12p – $mall Change
Fri 9/4 12p-2p – Zeus
Fri 9/4 2p-4p – Action Girl
Fri 9/4 4p-6p – Strombo
Fri 9/4 6p-8p – David Cooper
Fri 9/4 8p-10p – Dubvirus
Fri 9/4 10p-12a – Danger Danger

Sat 9/5 12a-2a – Loboman
Sat 9/5 2a-4a – Travis
Sat 9/5 4a-6a – Click & Fossa
Sat 9/5 6a-8a – Yoms
Sat 9/5 8a-10a – Allisu
Sat 9/5 10a-12p – Tinsmith
Sat 9/5 12p-2p – Djedi
Sat 9/5 2p-4p – Diabolo
Sat 9/5 4p-6p – Illexxandra
Sat 9/5 6p-8p – Kanizzle
Sat 9/5 8p-10p – Caveat
Sat 9/5 10p-12a – Moldover

Sun 9/6 12a-2a – Shakey
Sun 9/6 2a-4a – Hot Wire
Sun 9/6 4a-6a – Phil
Sun 9/6 6a-8a – Crowsnester
Sun 9/6 8a-10a – Dominique
Sun 9/6 10a-12p – Jex
Sun 9/6 12p-2p – EagleEye
Sun 9/6 2p-4p – Beatkitty
Sun 9/6 4p-6p – Boop
Sun 9/6 6p-8p – Apollo
Sun 9/6 8p-10p – Swipe Left
Sun 9/6 10p-12a – No Nate

Mon 9/7 12a-2a – TRav
Mon 9/7 2a-4a – Grease W.
Mon 9/7 4a-6a – Larsmania
Mon 9/7 6a-8a – Bobzilla
Mon 9/7 8a-10a – Campmomdad
Mon 9/7 10a-12p – Panther Cub
Mon 9/7 12p-2p – Rayray
Mon 9/7 2p-4p – Adam Burke
Mon 9/7 4p-6p – Rubik
Mon 9/7 6p-8p – Raindog
Mon 9/7 8p-10p – Whiskey Devil
Mon 9/7 10p-11:59pm – Radiohiro

The event is finished.


Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 29, 2020
  • Time: All Day