a Transformation Station

a Transformation Station is a camp village dedicated to conscious transformation and the incubation of new ideas on the playa. Join us virtually all week for conversations and sessions around meditation and sound healing. Walk through a virtual healing hedge, navigate a medicine wheel, and chill on our virtual ocean shoreline deck. Participate and chill with camp members all week.

Please use Chrome Desktop to access a Transformation Station camp inside Emerald City, a virtual reality city. The tranquility zone is the home of a Transformation Station in real life, and serves a community gathering place all year long.

When you arrive, you can come with a headset or just a phone or laptop, choosing between 3D web or VR. To find your way to the camp head west to the horizon and look for the giant seashell. You can also check the Emerald City calendar for specific events and activities online at the camp. See https://ats.camp for more details.

The event is finished.


Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 20, 2020
  • Time: 3:00 am - 3:00 am


Virtual Live Experience