Desert Arts 3View


Burning Man Presents:

Desert Arts 3View

Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Thank you so much to all who participated in our first-ever Desert Arts 3View, a “trispectral” look at the past, present, and future of Burning Man arts. If you wish to revisit this moment in the multiverse, or if you weren’t able to join the live event, please enjoy the YouTube playlist below to journey through 1View, 2View, 3View, and the “Intermission Gallery” of artist works and works in progress. You can also download the complete program featuring the artists, their projects, and links to more information. If you are so moved by what you see here, please consider making a donation to Burning Man Project to support our mission of bringing the art and culture of Burning Man into the world!

Download the complete Desert Arts 3View Program PDF here.

Thanks again for your support – we’ll see you in the past, present, and future!

Featured Images:

“Catacomb of Veils” by Dan Sullivan, 2016 (Photo by Keith Aeschliman)
GAIA by Marco Cochrane, 2020
The Solar Shrine by Antwane Lee, 2020
“Super Pool” by Jen Lewin, 2014 (Photo by Duncan Rawlinson)

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