Culturally Attuned Podcast – Teaser

Culturally Attuned Podcast

Teaser – What is the Culturally Attuned Podcast?



Kim Cook
I have consistently collided with cultures.  I have never entered gracefully.

Leanne Erdberg Steadman
I had thought I was pretty cross culturally attuned.

Kim Cook
I have this ambition that I could be like those Olympic high divers where they’re watching them go into the water… you know, just like you enter and there’s no ripple.

Christopher Breedlove
If I personally decide I’m the hero, well then everyone else is either the enemy or someone to be saved.

Kim Cook
And I feel like I constantly belly flop.

Juan Diaz Prinz
And I got to her, and I gave her two kisses, and she whispers in my ear, ‘Thank God my husband is not here, he would kill you’.

David Yang
Trying to find our way in a new culture can lead to funny, awkward and even dangerous results.  Join the United States Institute of Peace and Burning Man Project for Culturally Attuned, a brand-new podcast that explores what happens when cultures collide and how we can bridge our differences for the better.

I’m David Yang, and I’ll be your guide as we try to become more culturally attuned, together.  Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Kim Cook
Before you ever set foot out the door, you have to find the space within yourself, to be receptive to the input of others, even if that leaves you with some egg on your face.



David Yang

Vice President, Applied
Conflict Transformation