Campfire Talks

Campfire Talks is a monthly series hosted by Burning Man Project’s Camp Network Team comprised of volunteers from Black Rock City’s theme camp community. The series brings together theme camp organizers by the virtual campfire to feature their stories, share their knowledge, discuss timely topics, and to find new ways to connect.

Episode 1: January 2021

Burn Baby Burn: Fire In Your Theme Camp Do’s, Don’ts, and Dohs!

You can’t have Burning Man without the burn, but when it comes to flame effects and fire performance in theme camps, it’s not always clear how to create something magical, impressive, and safe. Join us and our speakers from Illumination Village, Lakes on the Playa, and the Fire Art & Safety Team as they share stories, tips, and tricks on making your camp a beautiful, safe, and flame-filled space.

Panelists include: Grumps & Rick – Lakes on the Playa Village, Xa – Illumination Village, Twister & Bacon – Fire Art & Safety Team

Episode 2: February 2021

Doing More With Less: Abundance Without Scarcity

In a year of many challenges, many of us may find ourselves asking, how do we achieve our big dreams with limited hands, time, or money; what is it going to look like to participate this year whether on playa or off; how do we adjust to the new reality? This month’s focus will be to highlight small camps who have worked with limited resources in the past to bring unique and interesting interactivity to their neighborhoods both on and off playa! Join us as we navigate this new terrain with speakers from Camp Blintzkrieg, VW Bus Camp, Gender Blender, Playapology, BRC3PO, as they share their experiences, achievements, and learning curves of doing more with less.

Panelists include: Laughing John, BRC3PO : Jeff, Camp Blintzkrieg : Ariel, Gender Blender : Dee Stracted, Playapology

Episode 3: March 2021

Will You Be My Neighbor?: Creating Community Beyond Your Camp

Without the people, Black Rock City is merely a desert. So how do 70,000 people from wildly different communities originating in every far flung corner of the globe live and gather together in harmony? Join us and our speakers from Yummy RUMinations; JOBI: Coffee, Tea or Me?; FAFA Camp; YOUniversal, and from open camping, as they share their stories, learnings, and lessons on what it means to be a good neighbor both on and off the Playa.

Panelists include: Prince Barron, Yummy RUMInations; Farhard, Jahan, Nushin, Afshin, camp YOUniversal; WheatThin, JOBI. Coffe, Tea, or Me?; Pita, FAFA Camp; Alex Hudson and Sarge from open camping.

Episode 4: April 2021

“A Mom, a Dom, and a Priest Walk into a Bar: Expanding Consent Beyond Sex”

Are you being a creep? How would you know? While freeing your mind it can be easy to assume that the dusty life is a free-for-all. April’s event is on subtle arenas of consent and for camps who want to up their competencies in welcoming the stranger. Join us and our speakers from the Orgy Dome, Burners Without Borders and Religous As Fuck explore the tension between radical self expression and our desire to create communities of safety and inclusion.

Panelists include:  Lefty, And Then There’s Only Love; Bianca, Solar Beatz Car; Brian, Religious as Fuck; Andrea, Protopia; and Stan, United Camps of Black Rock

Episode 5: June 2021

Keeping the Spark Alive: How Communities Stay Safe & Connected in a Year Without BRC

Burning Man is not just Black Rock City, but in a year where we once more will not be building our metropolis in the dust, how can we stay connected to each other in a safe, caring, and conscientious fashion? Join us as we bring together medical volunteers, Burning Man Project regional coordinators, and theme camp leads to discuss how to gather safely, and what to gather around, in a year without BRC. Find inspiration in their stories of perseverance, comfort in their expertise, and community in their presence as we get together to chart a new path on our own – together. There will always be a burn somewhere in some way – as long as we can keep the spark alive.

Panelists include: Iris, Regional Network, Glenna, ESD volunteer; Henk, Camp Mystic; Stiles, Philli Camp; Josh, Inflation Station

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