Camp Symposium

The Camp Support Team is excited to announce the 2022 Black Rock City Camp Symposium
(formerly Theme Camp Symposium, because there are many types of camps in BRC)!


Registration is free!

Online via Zoom:
Saturday, April 30th,
10 am to 4 pm PDT

As we awaken from our dreams away from Black Rock City, the Camp Symposium will bring together camp communities to reconnect, relearn, and showcase big initiatives shaping the future of Burning Man and BRC 2022.

2022 Camp Symposium Schedule – Saturday, April 30th


10:00am – 12:00pm PDT — Plenary

Learn about all the latest priorities and initiatives for Placement, Black Rock City, and Burning Man Project including safety, logistics, and how to make our return to the playa the best burn yet!

Presentations by:
  • CEO & Event Operations Director
  • Placement Team
  • Camp Support Team
  • Art Department
  • Outside Services Program
  • Fuel Program
  • Sustainability Team
  • COVID Task Force
  • Burning Man Hive

12:00pm – 1:00pm PDT — Lunch/Social Rooms

1:15pm – 2:30pm PDT — Breakout Session #1

Photo by: John Curley

Finances–Keeping Your Camp in the Black

Tips and strategies for keeping your camp breakeven and not a burden to anyone’s pocketbook

  • Andrew “Sandor” Brown (Host) – Houpla 
  • Paul “Pablo Extraball” Chaklos – Disco Ballz
  • Ray Perfetti – Kostume Kult
  • Jurrien Timmer – Feed the Artists

Health and Safety–Camps and Interactivity in the Time of COVID

Strategies and ideas on how to help keep your camp and visitors healthy all week long, including safe and healthy kitchens, COVID considerations, and integrating safety planning into your camp.

  • Berta “Pita Mama Bear” Hodges (Host) – FAFA Camp
  • Jediah “Mayor Maynot” Seidman – Rancho Sparkle Pony
  • Anton Jackson Smith – Friend Manufacturing Cooperative
  • Bridget Wylie – BRC Piano Bar

Leadership and Planning–Conflict Prevention, Engagement, and Resolution

How do you create harmony in your camp to prevent conflicts? What do you do when conflict occurs? Lots of ideas, tips, and info.

  • Adam “Papadum” Stein (Host) – FAFA Camp
  • Justin “Papa Smurf” Boren – Sacred Hare
  • Devon “Rooster” Low – Black Rock Rangers
  • Sara “RedBirdBean” Pugh – Land of Monkey
Major logistics get hidden from most attendees, but the clues are there if you look for them—though these chameleons might be harder to find.

Logistics–Transportation, Storage, and OSS Q&A

Transport, storage, and OSS are changing! Ask all your questions here.

  • Jaymie “Sticky” Braun (Host) – GYST
  • Shaye “President” Harty – Burning Man Outside Services (OSS) Program
  • Lisa “Ramrod” Kipler – 88NV (Burner Express Air)
  • Tami “Muddy Puppy” Taylor – BRC Storage Program
  • Isabeau “Isa” Vidal – Kostume Kult
  • Sharif “Sandstorm” Zawaideh – Burner Express Bus
Surreal Sandbox 2017 - Photo by: Robert Bruce Anderson

Neighborhoods and HUBS–How to Be a Better Neighbor

People from all walks of life are valued and respected in Black Rock City. We’ll talk about striving to be good neighbors by contributing to a culture which allows room for Radical Self-Expression without coming at the cost of Radical Inclusion.  How camps can embody Communal Effort in all their interactions, are mindful of the people around them, and are open to learning and compromise in conflict.  And we’ll get down to some of the practical details like how to coordinate resources, answer questions about HUBS, and what to do if you have an issue with a neighbor.

  • Mark “Dr. Dilemma” Demma (Host) – Paradise Motel
  • Papa Bear – Burning Man Placement Team
  • Margaret “Xtraslky” Kranyak – Liminal Labs
  • Tamara “TK” Price – Dye with Dignity

Radical Inclusion–Diversifying Your Demographics, Acculturation, and Helping Everyone Feel Welcome

A RIDE-focused panel discussion on expanding our Burning Man tent.

  • Vaughn “Yeti” Hannon (Host) – BRC HOA
  • Katy “Bookfairy” Tahja – Mobility Camp
  • David “Daveed” Silva – Kostume Kult
  • Dave “Slanch” Siegel – Familiar Spirits
  • Jerome “Crow” Funchess – Vomiting Sparrows
solar panels PV power

Sustainability–Strategies for Powering Your Camp with Solar Energy

Come meet some of BRC’s solar wizards and find out the first steps towards making your camp run on 100% renewable energy! Our panelists will cover the educational resources and teams we’ve created to support your solar journey. We’ll finish with a report from the Bequinox regional event on a 10 kWh solar shade structure you can build in your own camp!

  • Nick “Brace” Farr (Host) – Burners Without Borders
  • Bruce “Badger” Cooper – Renewables for Artists Team (RAT)
  • Ken “The Fixer” Rehor – Daydream
  • Phillip Dupree – Mystopia
  • Doug “Radio” Hanson – Familiar Spirits

2:45pm – 4:00pm PDT — Breakout Session #2

Dave Klaus, 2019 BeeCharge LiBeeto Party

Burning Man Hive – What’s Buzzing?

Perhaps you have heard about Burning Man Hive, the online learning and community network. This unique space offers burners of all stripes a chance to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. Please join us to learn more about Hive and what sweetness might await you, your camp, and your projects by jumping into What’s Buzzing!

  • Karen “KJ” Jacobs (Host) – Burning Man Project’s Education Program
  • Siobhan Elliott – Burning Man Project’s Education Program
Mega Cake

Decommodification and Interactivity–Are You Buying a Cake or Baking One?

As part of the Cultural Direction Setting project, new Theme Camp Criteria for placed camps were released in March 2020, and this year, we actually get to use them! In putting them together, we tried to be really clear about what meeting each of them looks like and what Placement will look for in evaluating camps. Some things in the criteria were revisions mainly attempting to add clarity but some things were completely new, like “uniqueness.” And all in all we tried to tie everything back to the 10 Principles and capture the sense that Burning Man is built not bought. In this panel we have 3 folks from the Cultural Direction Setting workgroup on the criteria to talk about the process, the tensions with that process, the changes and give the community a chance to ask questions. So if you’re wondering how unique you need to be to be unique enough, this is a unique opportunity.

  • Mark “Dr. Dilemma” Demma (Host) – Paradise Motel
  • Wesley “Ratchet” Evans – Mudskipper’s
  • Hepkitten – Burning Man Placement Team
  • Warren “Catnip” Lee – Beats ‘n Deets
Burning Man 2012

Finances–Forming a 501(c)(3) for Your Camp for Fun and (Non)Profit

A simple, how-to guide on incorporating your camp and gaining valuable tax exemptions and liability protection.

  • Andrew “Sandor” Brown (Host) – Houpla
  • Lisa “Muse” Ball – Vines Without Borders
  • Kevin Blake – IDEATE

Leadership and Planning–Camp Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks

Organizing your camp logistics to reduce stress, drama, and exhaustion and increase your joy and fun on playa as a camp lead.

  • Berta “Pita Mama Bear” Hodges (Host) – FAFA Camp
  • Juvoni Beckford – No Boundaries
  • David “Chairman Bao” Hua – Bao Village
  • Natalia “Flaca Verde” Kisielewska – Kantenah
The Ultimate Stargazer

Leadership and Planning–Managing the Lifecycle of Camps from Cradle to Grave and Beyond

How to think long-term about your camp, succession planning, and spinning off new camps.

  • Victor “Captain Vic” Stevens (Host) – Children of Chaos
  • Bill “Massive” Gilman – Arbitrarium
  • Courtney “Bean” Griffin – LED Dinosaur Camp
  • Elisa Hetmanski – Kostume Kult
Metamorphosis                Burning Man 2019

Sustainability–New Horizons in Greywater Management

Evap ponds are so 90’s. Come find out how resources you already have in your camp–like your burn barrel–can help you recycle or evaporate your greywater without taking up a lot of space!

  • Nick “Brace” Farr (Host) – Burners Without Borders
  • Yoel Bilsky – Burners Without Borders
  • Reba McCall – Burners Without Borders
  • Charles Planck – It’s All Made Up


Speaker and Panelist Biographies

To learn more about the speakers and panelists listed above, please see 2022 Camp Symposium Biographies.


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