Build n’ Burn Your Own Man

*** By downloading the following documents, you agree to these Terms & Conditions ***

1.   In keeping with the Radical Self-Reliance Principle, you are building and burning at your own risk. You are responsible for ensuring the safety of your burn, and Burning Man Project is not liable for any loss or damage that may occur.

Everything You’ll Need to Build Your Mini Man

Use the links below to access Mini Man Build blueprints and instructions.

Build-N-Burn Cut Sheets & “Easy Button” Template

Build-N-Burn Assembly Instructions

PLEASE READ: Safety Instructions for Burning a Small Effigy


IMPORTANT: Is it permissible to have a fire where you are?

As seasonal wildfires burn in California and other places we want to acknowledge the Burning of anything might not be permitted or considerate to others. There are some areas where having a fire outside is simply not ok for any reason during the summer months. The risk of wildfire is real, and the results of your actions could be catastrophic. Local fire regulations must be checked to make sure your fire will not conflict with “No Burn” or “Spare the Air” days in your area. While you may have a certain comfort around fire, you do not want to cause concern in your neighborhood or receive an unexpected visit from the fire department. Consider checking in with your neighbors so they are aware of your plans and you can address any concerns ahead of time. Enjoy a safe Burn!

Build Day with the Man Krew

Join the Man Krew for a virtual build day as part of the Build n’ Burn Your Own Man experience. Build, create and take a moment to hear about building the Man in one of the most challenging worksites possible. Take your laptop and set it on your work table. We will show you how using a few simple tools you too can build a Man!

Creating and maintaining our unique sense of community at the heart of Burning Man feels extra important this year. Entering at the Gate, going through the Greeters, building your camp, exploring the open playa and the projects you find there and of course the Man Burn and later the Temple Burn are what define the framework of the event week. While all of those actions and important milestones of the event were created over the years, the very first action and the most authentic act was, of course, the gathering of friends to build and burn the Man.

Using a printer and some simple tools we will show you how you can create a two-foot wooden Burning Man for use at home, safety conditions permitting. This live hour and a half build event will feature some tool use tutorials, simple shop safety information and tips and directions to help you complete the project. We will cut out the necessary parts of the Man and a simple Man Base. We will then assemble the parts using glue, tape and some basic hardware.

Hear the stories of past builds from those who were there and relive the challenges and jackassery that is stuff of legends. Showing us how to do it right will be Man build Team members Namaste Dave, Chipper and Goat. Joining the Man crew will be Dave X the Fire Safety Team Manager for the event with important lessons on fire safety.

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