Black History Month

February is Black History Month

Statement on Racial Justice and Radical Inclusion


Burning Man Project stands in solidarity with the Black community in the fight for racial justice. This is a time to listen, to reflect, and to learn. We acknowledge we have our own work to do to truly live up to the principle of Radical Inclusion, and we’re here for it.

Let’s make the global Burning Man community, including Black Rock City, more inclusive for Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color. Let’s amplify voices and ideas that will lead us to a more equitable society. Let’s create the space to listen and have the conversations needed to make permanent positive change in this world.

Burners have always been doers, so let’s do this.

Black Lives Matter.

Explore offerings dedicated to the celebration of Black History Month, Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity.

BMIR Justice & Equality Series


BMIR 94.5 has been The Voice of the Man for the past 20 years. While it has historically been a radio station that adheres to the idea of the Temporary Autonomous Zone, we believe that due to the current state of the world’s affairs it is of utmost importance to utilize our voice to facilitate dialogue and thought provoking content for the sake of pushing social change. Inspired by the BLM movement, yet not contained by it, curated 72 hours of programming over Labor Day weekend which focused on the pressing issues at hand in our world.

Black Burner Project


Black Burner Project- A multicultural movement driving inclusivity at Burning Man, travel, self exploration and radical expression through imagery and personal stories.

Metamorphosis Burning Man 2019, Black Burners 2019 (Photo by Manuel B Pinto)

The Intersection:  Episode 9

Black Lives Matter x Black Rock City

A sound-rich documentary series — ok, a podcast — that captures the inspiring, quirky, beautiful, aural complexity of our community through stories of camps and projects.

Stories About Diversity & Radical Inclusion


This long-form series is designed to spark conversations about diversity, Radical Inclusion, and differences in the global Burning Man community. Explore topics such as cultural appropriation, diversity in Black Rock City, and being radically inclusive in a global, year-round culture.

Burning Man Project’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) 

Burning Man 2017, Maya's Mind by Mischell Riley, Carson City, NV (Photo by Luke Szczepanski)

Project Radical Inclusion


Project Radical Inclusion is dedicated to radically including more cultural diversity at Black Rock City.

It was established as a camp-driven program in 2015 at Camp Que Viva by the late Laura Diamond who was dedicated to seeing more socioeconomic diversity at Burning Man.

More Black History Month Events


ASALH Schedule of Virtual Events

Association for the Study of African American Life and History plans to celebrate Black History Month virtually this year with a full schedule of on line events including the Virtual Festival Marquee Event: A conversation with Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham on February 20th.  Visit the link above for a full schedule.

Burning Man 2019, Amazing Burner Colorful Costume (Photo by Henry Wu)
All-American Afro, 2004 (Photo by JuanCarlos Pometta Betancourt)
Metamorphosis Burning Man 2019, Black Burners 2019, (Photo by Manuel B Pinto)
Metamorphosis Burning Man 2019, Black Burners 2019 (Photo by Manuel B Pinto)

SF Chronicle DATEBOOK Black History Month 2021: Virtual events

Visit the San Francisco Chronicle’s Datebook listings of Bay Area events, this year available online to the world wide community.

Burning Man 2011, Couple at Center Camp Cafe (Photo by Scott London)
Metamorphosis Burning Man 2019, Black Burners 2019 (Photo by Manuel B Pinto)

Burning Man 2018, All Power To All People, Hank Willis Thomas of New York, NY – presented by Kindred Arts of Truckee, CA (Photo by George P Post)

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