Wednesday, December 16th, 12:00-1:00pm PST


ArtSpeaks // Episode 8: The Art of Illumination

Winter is coming — the season of lights!  The weather is getting colder and the days shorter, and as the darkness settles in, the light seems even more impactful. So what better way to celebrate the solstice season than to hear from some of our favorite artists who cut through the shadows with their illuminated art?

Art that plays with light can take many forms. While some artists illuminate the sky with wild colors, others use shadows to tell stories or create intricate designs, or combine music, light and kinetics to create wondrous immersive experiences. Join us for this episode of ArtSpeaks to hear how our guest artists play with light to create beauty in the darkness.

Featured artists include Bay Lights artist Leo Villareal; Christopher Schardt with Paraluna and Firmament; Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu of HYBYCOZO; and Ali Agus with Digital Dalang. Hosted by Katie Hazard, Burning Man’s Associate Director of Art Management.

If you weren’t able to join for the ArtSpeaks / Episode 1-6 live events, please enjoy the YouTube recordings below. Please note: a recording of Episode 7 will be shared soon. If you are so moved by what you see here, please consider making a donation to Burning Man Project to support our mission of bringing the art and culture of Burning Man into the world!

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