Wednesday, January 20th, 5:00pm PST


ArtSpeaks // Episode 9: Art Ablaze

What would Burning Man be without burning ART? It is truly a hallmark of the event in Black Rock City, from small burns that warm the night and inspire community, to huge spectacles that make you lean back from the radiating waves of heat as the artworks are consumed in flames. 

In this episode of ArtSpeaks we will explore the intricacies of art that is built to burn. Why did the artists choose to release their art with fire? What goes into making a structure that will burn spectacularly? And what behind-the-scenes logistics are needed to ensure that every burn is done safely? Join us to learn all this and more at ArtSpeaks Episode 9: Art Ablaze.

Featured artists include Dan Sullivan with Catacomb of Veils, Sagan Bocskor and Cory Mervis with Jedi Dog Temple, and Antwane Lee with upcoming Honoraria project The Solar Shrine, as well as special guest Doxie Kaltz from the Fire Art Safety Team (FAST). Co-hosted by Dave X, Burning Man’s Fire Art Safety Team Manager, and Katie Hazard, Associate Director of Art Management.

If you weren’t able to join for the ArtSpeaks / Episode 1-8 live events, please enjoy the YouTube recordings below. Please note: a recording of Episode 7 will be shared soon. If you are so moved by what you see here, please consider making a donation to Burning Man Project to support our mission of bringing the art and culture of Burning Man into the world!

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