Wednesday, November 11th, 12:00-1:00pm PST


Episode 7: Desert Athenaeum: The Art of Playa Libraries and Learning

“The more that you READ, the more you will KNOW. The more that you LEARN, the more places you’ll GO!” Yep, the master storyteller, Dr. Seuss, had it right — he understood how powerful books can be in opening up whole new worlds of thought and adventure. And it’s no surprise that many intrepid Burning Man artists have found resonance in that same theme!

Join us on November 11th at 12pm PT to hear from artists whose Black Rock City artworks were inspired by teaching, learning, and the power of books and storytelling.

If you weren’t able to join for the ArtSpeaks / Episode 1-6 live events, please enjoy the YouTube recordings below. If you are so moved by what you see here, please consider making a donation to Burning Man Project to support our mission of bringing the art and culture of Burning Man into the world!

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