With Gratitude.

From where we began, to where we are now, creating Kindling has been an epic journey. We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to the team of volunteers, staff and creative beings who imagined, iterated, collaborated and hustled to bring Kindling to life.

Image Credits:

Home Page

“Riding the Playa”, 2018 (Photo by Keith Aeschliman)

Live Experiences Page

“Pete Killcommons built the The Playa Piano Bar and Airport Shuttle over an old cargo loader with a hydraulic lift. The vehicle features a grand piano, a lounge, and a beautiful piano key design.”, 2019 (Photo by Scott London)

Media Library Page

“Paraluna was an amazing experiential piece this year. It was there last year but was damaged early on after someone thought it was climbable. This is a sittable art piece, the spinning LED wands create mesmerising displays while classical music plays and the arm moves the display closer towards viewers – sucking them into a kaleidoscopic vortex of color, light and musical tones. Thank you Christopher Schardt for repairing and bringing Paraluna back this year so it had its true time to shine. It was burnerlicious”, 2019 (Photo by Jamen Percy)

Kindle A Project Page

“La Victrola”, 2017 (Photo by Debbi Wolff)

Video Credits:

“This is Freezer Burn”, 2015 (Video by Lisa ‘Kiki’ Ferguson)

“Element 11 2016: Jackalope Rodeo”, 2016 (Video by Croshane Hillyard and Kari Larson)

“Element 11 2016: Orpheum Recap – OFFICIAL”, 2017 (Video by Croshane Hillyard and Kari Larson)

“Burning Japan 2015”, 2015 (Video by Joe Moross and Alvin Cheung)

“Catharsis on the Mall 2019”, 2019 (Video by Shamal Deare)

Featured Multiverse Graphic Credits:

“El Pulpo” by Duane Flatmo, sketch by @HaydenTheWu

“Public Display of Awareness” by Olivia Steele, 2019

“Straight No Chaser” by LadyBEAST and GatorDox, 2018

2020 Man Base by Kathryn Greenberg

“Ethereal Empyrean Experience” by Sylvia Lisse, Laurence “Renzo” Verbeck, Jeremy Roush, 2020

Multiverse Trailer Credits:

Copyright-free soundtrack: “A New Beginning by Ben Sound