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Upcoming Features

The Existentialists Anonymous Art Bar

Sunday, November 7th, 6:00 pm (PST)

Join Caveat Magister for art, drinking, camaraderie, and magical moments — all created by participants. To order a drink, all you have to do is talk about what’s in your head and heart. Our bartender and artists will work with you to take care of the rest. This event is a celebration of Caveat’s new book, “Turn Your Life into Art,” published by Burning Man Books, which details how YOU can create magical experiences!

Campfire Talks is a monthly series hosted by Burning Man Project’s Camp Support Team comprised of volunteers from Black Rock City’s theme camp community. The series brings together theme camp organizers by the virtual campfire to feature their stories, share their knowledge, discuss timely topics, and to find new ways to connect.

An interactive spiritual journey of healing and transformation

The 2021 Temple Experience

The 2021 Virtual Temple Team offers the Luminous Lotus Journey as an exploration of the soul and the shadows through meditation, sacred geometry, numerology, sound, and light. As is tradition the Temple and the offerings made by the community burned on September 6th.  Experience the Luminous Lotus Temple burn recording below.

Episode 11: The 2021 Virtual Temple

Join Us for On-demand viewing

Produced by Profiles in Dust in collaboration with Burning Man Project, the  film Larry: A Burning Man Story chronicles the life and influence of Burning Man’s iconic founder, featuring never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with Larry’s friends, family and colleagues. 

This special on-demand viewing is a benefit for the nonprofit Burning Man Project. 100% of donations received will support Burning Man Project — to fund our year-round mission of supporting artists, makers, and community builders, as well as our work to co-create Black Rock City 2022.

Aunt Athena, Stuart Mangrum, and $teven Ra$pa Discuss the 10 Principles

It’s a rare moment, and we filmed it in BRCvr for y’all to watch in perpetuity. Stuart Mangrum, Director of Burning Man Project’s Philosophical Center, and $teven Ra$pa, Burning Man Project’s Associate Director of Community Events, joined Aunt Athena Demos in the BRCvr Philosophical Centre for a rousing conversation about Burning Man’s 10 Principles.

Enter the Kindling Escape Pod

Exit the 24-hour News Cycle

We know things can feel a little overwhelming sometimes. The Kindling team put its heads together about what we all need came up with a cozy escape pod for any and all to curl up in and hide from the 24-hour news cycle. Introducing the Kindling Escape Pod, featuring Slow TV from our friends at Nomad, colouring pages, deep playa DJ sets, a virtual tea ceremony, and…baby animals. Get some snacks. Climb in. Seal the hatch. And forget the world. It’s nice in here.

Kindling’s 5 Vice-Breakers to Stop the Digital Doom Scrolling

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of very important issues and events affecting our day-to-day existence becomes overwhelming for even the heartiest woke activist. Something we learn as Burners, and as everyday humans, is that a change of scene into immediate reality is the key to shifting your mindset. And it doesn’t take a big, loud, shiny object to bring about that instant shift (although that does help). All around you there are wondrous things to do, you just need to open your eyes to the possibilities.

Spotlight on Virtual Event Producers

The amazing humans who produce the virtual events we share here are truly what make Kindling a growing, vibrant space for participatory community connection. Get to know the people who gift their time to create magical virtual spaces for learning, conversation, and celebration.

Want to share your virtual event with the Burner-verse and beyond? Fill in the Kindle a project form.

Incommensurable Horizons

Regional Events

Burning Man recognizes these community organized events as official Regional Events that are endorsed by local Burning Man Regional Contacts and organized in a manner that is consistent with agreed upon standards and the guiding 10 Principles of Burning Man (link to principles). For more information and updates, you can reach out to these recognized events directly.

Regional Network Forum

In June 2021, the Burning Man Regional Network Forum: Emerging, Wayfinding, Igniting was held as an online regathering for all community leaders across the globe to re-inspire engagement in Burning Man culture beyond Black Rock City and strengthen the cultural connections between regional communities after a year of cancelled Regional Events, prototyping COVID-safe interactive art experiences, and pandemic-related isolation.


A Kindling Oral Storytelling Project

The word Blueprints implies instructions to build something — in this case, we’re offering up individual stories as maps for becoming kind and resilient leaders, workers, citizens… in short, better humans.

This micro story podcast series features candid conversations with remarkable humans — from imagineers and city builders, to intriguing humans from across the global Burning Man community.

Each oral story offers up personal, professional, and creative perspectives on how to approach one’s daily life, based on the knowledge gained by being active participants at Black Rock City and to have a meaningful impact on the people around us and the communities of which we are all a part.

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