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ArtSpeaks // Episode 5: Where Is It Now?

Wednesday, September 23

Ever wonder what happens to all those giant, spectacular, and magnificent art pieces after the Man has burned and the Resto crew has left the playa? Most of them wouldn’t fit in a burner’s garage or storage unit, and only about 10% of BRC art is burned at the event. So where does it all go?! In this episode of ArtSpeaks we’ll hear from Burning Man artists who have had success with their projects on and off the playa.

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Incandescence Episode 1

Coming this October

Join us as we launch a new series of conversations crafted to spark imagination by bringing you closer to the creators, makers and dreamers who are initiating cultural change. First up, Cat Turp hosts a conversation with renowned DJ and producer Jennifer Cardini and Pablo Gonzalez Vargas, founder and creator of the magnificent Mayan Warrior art car.

Mirage cover

Mirage Film Premiere

Saturday, October 24

The final documentary of the International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) featuring Burning Man series touches on the foundation: the momentary home for 80,000 citizens in the Nevada desert – Black Rock City. The fundamental elements of Black Rock City are a mixture of different groups and communities. “Mirage” unfolds multiple layers of this complex, temporary, ever-evolving desert city. Through this documentary, audiences get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how this center of creativity is designed and built every year from scratch, then vanishes into dust.
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Culturally Attuned Podcast

Coming this October

Have you ever wanted to work in a community or culture that was radically different than the one you grew up in? The Culturally Attuned podcast and curriculum is a partner effort between the United States Institute of Peace and Burning Man Project. This podcast and course will share real world stories, lessons, and practical advice for people who work in a range of settings around the world and who may find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings.

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