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Desert Arts Preview: An Invitation to the Amazing

Sunday, June 12th, 1:00pm PDT

Dust off your sense of wonder because Desert Arts Preview is back! The return to Black Rock City heralds the return of art, and a fantastic new collection of spectacular, wild, and whimsical art installations. Step behind the scenes and join our featured artists for virtual tours of their studios and creative process, and gain insights into their inspirations and hopes for their works in progress.

After the main program, you are invited to join an afterparty in BRCvr where you can immerse yourself in even more art and mingle with the artists and other participants. BRCvr can be enjoyed on VR headsets, PC, or MacOS. 

Campfire Talk #6 – All About Camp Support

Tuesday, June 14th, 5:30pm PDT

It’s time for another Campfire Talk! This month’s topic is All About Camp Support and provides an overview of all the various programs the Camp Support volunteer team offers to support Black Rock City’s camps, including: the Help Desk, the Camp Advisory and Mentorship Program (CAMP), the Camp Symposium, the Online Resource Guide, Stories from the City, Burner Network, the Transportation and Storage Working Group, and Campfire Talks. Come learn about how these resources can help you rock your Burn in 2022. 

If you have questions or would like to connect or volunteer with the Camp Network Team, please email us at: campsupport@burningman.org

Campfire Talks: The Series

Have you’ve missed previous Campfire Talks episodes?

Dave Klaus, 2019 BeeCharge LiBeeto Party

Burning Man Hive

Burning Man Hive is a space for the Burning Man community and the Burner-curious to share their skills and knowledge, to learn from one another, and to support each other’s work in the world.

Honey Lounge in Burning Man Hive

If you’ve missed the Honey Lounge Premier, don’t fret. Here are the videos of all the 5 minute presentations.

Inner Orbit - Hybycozo 2018 (Photo by: Manuel B Pinto)
Inner Orbit - Hybycozo 2018 (Photo by: Manuel B Pinto)

Regional Events

Burning Man recognizes these community organized events as official Regional Events that are endorsed by local Burning Man Regional Contacts and organized in a manner that is consistent with agreed upon standards and the guiding 10 Principles of Burning Man (link to principles). For more information and updates, you can reach out to these recognized events directly.

Regional Network Forum

In June 2021, the Burning Man Regional Network Forum: Emerging, Wayfinding, Igniting was held as an online regathering for all community leaders across the globe to re-inspire engagement in Burning Man culture beyond Black Rock City and strengthen the cultural connections between regional communities after a year of cancelled Regional Events, prototyping COVID-safe interactive art experiences, and pandemic-related isolation.


The Co-reality Collective presents the next unmissable online party: Manifestival of Dreams!

Saturday, June 11th 9:00 pm BST (British Summer Time)

As always there will be talks, workshops, sharing circles, and of course music and dancing galore…..and, if you’re brave enough, open the door to the Dungeon of Dreamy Delights, where Dominatrixes and Daredevils await!

At the Manifestival of Dreams we will feature:
• Sublime Sounds (live as well as DJs)
• Dominatrixes and Daredevils
• Meditaions and Magical Moments
• Blind Burners campfire: playful audio-described fun, dancing and connection – accessible for the visually impaired, open to all comers


A Kindling Oral Storytelling Project

The word Blueprints implies instructions to build something — in this case, we’re offering up individual stories as maps for becoming kind and resilient leaders, workers, citizens… in short, better humans.

This micro story podcast series features candid conversations with remarkable humans — from imagineers and city builders, to intriguing humans from across the global Burning Man community.

Each oral story offers up personal, professional, and creative perspectives on how to approach one’s daily life, based on the knowledge gained by being active participants at Black Rock City and to have a meaningful impact on the people around us and the communities of which we are all a part.

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